Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Beckham in Boxers

Soo...I haven't blogged in a while because I have been super busy trying to find a job; economical downturn etc...any way as a little treat, check out the promotional video for Beckhams new collaboration with H&M!!! Can anyone say HOTT!!! Victoria Beckham I am so Jeal...

Thursday, 19 January 2012

The Crop Top

So I figure I might as while blog while the irons hot as they say. My other Spring/Summer obsession (H&M is the first) is crop tops. Now you might cringe as I say that, but worn in the right way a crop top can be very flattering when worn with the right items. A crop top with some low rise jeans is a no no, but a cropped top with a a midi/ long skirt preferably pleated or flippy is perfection. Check out how the designers have styled this look below:
The highstreet have jumped onto the trend as well, and Topshop, Urban Outfitter and Miss Selfridge all have crop tops, and I am sure as the season progressing there will be more. I also spotted some funny coloured jersey crop tops at my local market for a couple of pounds!!! Bargainous...

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

I should have been up to more productive pursuits...(I should probably now being doing something more productive) but I need to share in a gushing way. So after a deflating visit to the gym where I am trying to fight the post Christmas weight fluctuation (I refuse to say weight gain) I decided to treat myself to some window shopping, or in my case try on lots of clothing knowing full well I won't buy anything; the sales assistants must hate me. I decided to check out H&M rather than the usual Topshop, (I'll come back to Topshop in a minute) and was overcome with Fashion frenzy...I loved everything, I wanted everything. Well when I say everything I actually mean their premium range, which are the products with the peach coloured H&M Tags in. I call it premium, I don't know what they call it, but they don't really do much promotion around the range except in the windows. Perhaps their best kept secret, it's a water down version of COS, slightly less angular and minimalistic; almost Zara but less continental. Check out the images below, perhaps they will help explain what I mean. Also check out Selfridges which has an edited version of the H&M range which is mostly made up of the peach tagged range.

I searched the internet and could not find any of the other items that I tried on. The sheer tunic in the image above looked great on, this image does not really do it justice. I would pair the tunic with a pair of black skinny jeans or leather leggings and heeled ankle boots and maybe a belt. I also tried on a silver pleated lamé skirt which was spot on and teamed this with an off white chiffon blouse with silver beads covering the collar, the icing on the cake was a hot pink blazer from the Divided range, much like the Preen Hutchinson blazer pictured below.
I was trying to take a picture in the changing room but it didn't work. Also on my list was an orange heavy jersey t-shirt, a fluorescent yellow knitted jumper, fluorescent bias cut skirt, a black bobbly pencil skirt and a short black pleat PVC skirt. I think that H&M have really pulled it out of the bag for this transitional part of Spring/Summer 2012, I can't wait to see what else they have to offer. 

Oh yes, and as for Topshop; although I am a serious Topshop Girl; a good 75% of my wardrobe has been derived from the retailer I couldn't help but feel slightly underwhelmed by their current range of clothes. I struggled to find six items that I wanted to buy and the pricing seems to be creeping up as well. Having said that I do love their Topshop Boutique range, especially their black trouser suit with yellow paw prints on it, (see below) but again the prices are above the norm. Anyway I am going to continue to ferret through the new SS12 ranges and hopefully share some gems/ key pieces with you all.


Thursday, 12 January 2012

Ghost Protocol

I went to see the new Mission Impossible film with my friend the other day and absolutely fell in love with a dress worn by actress Paula Patton who played Agent Jane Carter the only female main lead in the movie. In the scene where she wears the dress, herself and Cruise enter an ostentatious party, everyone holds their breath...The green dress pictured to the left, was definitely a show stopper and an item that I would love to wear the jade number although I am not sure I have the goods to pull it off like Ms Patton. I have no idea who the dress is by, but it is soo on-trend with the thigh slits, the one armed detailing and the sheer material.

While Paula smolders, Tom Cruise looks more than awkward in this picture. The actress who incidentally is married to Robin Thicke (a singer who I think had a hit song in the UK when I was a teenager) has been gaining alot of attention for her outfits in what will probably be one of the most publicised film launches this year thanks to Mr. Tom Cruise. Check out a roll call of some of her premiere outfits. I think she is definitely one to watch, in the mean time I am going to find out who made the dress...


Saturday, 7 January 2012

Neon Clothing...

Okay so the long awaited post on Neon, well I think I should probably go with muted neon. There are plenty of bold flashes of colour happening for SS12, but where neon is concerned in many cases is more understated. Check out the catwalk images below...

 What I love about the way that designers have used Neon's for SS12 is that they have mixed the colour up with neutral colours or patterns to make if more wearable. Below is what the highstreet have to offer, I particularly love the green check trousers from Urban Outfitter although I can't work out if the pattern would be flattering or make my thighs look even larger!!!

I think that the neon trend is definitely a look to try, but work it like the fashion houses have and mix neon with neutral!!! I love colour clashing but I think with neon, more is less!!!

Monday, 2 January 2012

New Year New Balmain!!!

So Happy New Year!! I can't believe it is 2012 already. I am full of new years resolutions and style changes but I am sure this year will be the same as any other!!! I am looking forward to getting a new job so that I can indulge in some serious shopping!!! I popped into Oxford St (which was rammed despite the stabbing earlier this week) today and saw all of the bold prints and neon colours coming through for SS12; they are so relevant right now as I am fed up of the dark grey days of winter.

Any way my next post will be about neons, but I wanted to share my love of Balmain today. I do love the brand but no one makes a big deal about the brand. After a rather bizarre and random NYE, I got talking to a rather odd inebriated man who was clutching a Balmain jacket!!! So I thought I should check out what the brand was doing for SS12!!! See images below for the best bits, its all bodcon, strong shoulders and embroidery. I think this collection is definitely for the brave.