Thursday, 12 January 2012

Ghost Protocol

I went to see the new Mission Impossible film with my friend the other day and absolutely fell in love with a dress worn by actress Paula Patton who played Agent Jane Carter the only female main lead in the movie. In the scene where she wears the dress, herself and Cruise enter an ostentatious party, everyone holds their breath...The green dress pictured to the left, was definitely a show stopper and an item that I would love to wear the jade number although I am not sure I have the goods to pull it off like Ms Patton. I have no idea who the dress is by, but it is soo on-trend with the thigh slits, the one armed detailing and the sheer material.

While Paula smolders, Tom Cruise looks more than awkward in this picture. The actress who incidentally is married to Robin Thicke (a singer who I think had a hit song in the UK when I was a teenager) has been gaining alot of attention for her outfits in what will probably be one of the most publicised film launches this year thanks to Mr. Tom Cruise. Check out a roll call of some of her premiere outfits. I think she is definitely one to watch, in the mean time I am going to find out who made the dress...


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