Saturday, 11 May 2013

Socks to you...

I am completely into socks at the moment, I think it has something to do with the 80s stiletto/sock look that is everywhere on the high-street. Of course I would decide to get in on the act and headed straight to Monki. I really wanted ankle wear made from tights material, if that makes sense.

I found these two pairs; firstly tapping into the brights trend I went for neon pinky/orange fishnet socks. I am working them with my sporty boots, which I will also combine with body con dress and other sporty outfits. My second socks are super cool spotty things, which I am styling with my new sandals, again very sporty, but a lot more feminine. I am going to wear these ones with multiple spotted garments, or a white t-shirt and my baggy stone washed jeans.

I will try and post some outfit picks at some point, but I hope for inspiration purposes that everyone starts rocking a sock...

Sunday, 5 May 2013

The devine is Tatty

Tatty Devine first popped onto my radar back in 2004, maybe earlier,  the brand was really on trend with it candy coloured accessories that summed up the fashion of the day. They did a collaboration with New Look and were copied fervently by Topshop. Fast forward to now-ish and the company has become timeless, above fashion and fads. Tatty's collections are bright, quirky, tongue in cheek and contemporary. They have done great collabs with Eley Kishimoto, Rob Ryan, Louise Gray and the Tate Modern. I kind've feel like the brand is constantly surprising us and I can't wait to see what they do next!

Here are some of my favourite pieces currently on their website:



And not to be forgotten...

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Sporty Whites

I haven't worked on my blog in a while, due to busy busy-ness, as a result I completely forgot that I had already done an article on white shoes. They are truly my obsession right now, which is why I have put together another post on the subject. Luckily the shoes I am featuring are different.

My Cos love, began a couple of years ago and is a constant, with it's oversized, slouchy, minimalistic aesthetic. I have only recently converted to their footwear, much like the clothing it is minimalistic with clean lines. The brogues will be the perfect accompaniment to dresses, shorts and playsuits.

Vagabond, is a contemporary brand, that has been slowly gaining popularity via stockist Urban Outfitter. It's not a brand where you will love all of the products, but you definitely pick out a couple of key pieces. For me it was all about these trainer, come sandal, come flatform shoe. They are so completely sports chic, need I say more.

A blast from the past, Ju Ju sandals...I am not sure I actually owned a pair of Juju sandals when I was younger, but I did rock many a pair of jellies, pre-teen. As Rachel Zoe would say "I die", I will definitely be donning these later on this year.

Another style that I did in the 00s are the Topshop heeled sneakers. I love that they are both sporty and street. With these I wearing body con dresses, baggy t-shirts and flippy skirts.

Here is a little montague/wish list for my sporty looks with white footwear.
I have bored you with white footwear long enough...the next post will be on something new!!! Promise...

Friday, 3 May 2013

Slouchy Jacquard Jacket

So there are small signs that I am getting older...the latest is my love of this jacquard design slouchy jacket. It is mid thigh length, and is both collar and button - less. I would probably add a belt every now and again when I want to try a more structured look. I don't really like the styling on the Zara website, I would do a white t-shirt and a baggy pair of jeans, sort of like Ashley Olsen's signature look. As the outerwear is quite dark, I would lighten everything.