Monday, 27 December 2010

Tough Love - random thoughts

Touch Love - random thoughts
Touch Love - random thoughts by FashionLind featuring black boots

As with much of fashion, it's all about juxtaposition. Mixing and matching to create something new. This mood board mixes masculine with feminine styling.

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Christmas Cheer!!!

Christmas Cheer!!!
Christmas Cheer!!! by FashionLind featuring ugg slippers

This is just a bit of fun, and my Christmas treat to you!!! I'll put these items on my list for next year!!!

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Salacious Sales

Well is it just me or do the sales start earlier each year. I am still gearing up to Christmas but I am already being enticed by pre Jan sales promos. My achillies heel is always Topshop's shoe sale; I can never be bothered to trapes through the copious rails of clothing but when it comes to the footwear I can not be stopped. Party "bang, bang" shoes are my fav but I also swing for the casual classics as well. On my hit list this year are the Camel damask over the knee boots, the graduate 3 buckle shoe, KAM box leather brogues, Faux fur boots by Unique, and the RAE Patent V Throat sandals. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will get some money for Christmas to extend my already over reaching closet.

Am still having issues with the Bailiffs so I will probably have to forgo my usual sale frenzy and focus on some key pieces; I shall be making 2011 the year of the shorts. Being a short person, they will need to be stricty above the knee affair. My favourite pieces from the sale arena are; Vivienne Westwood £145, Peg shorts around £30 from Asos; Green tweed shorts £30 Topshop!!

So I will be strutting down the pavements of London in my shorties.

London fashion week SS11 was a prime example of how on trend this piece of clothing in; the short suit was everywhere!!! I will be pairing my shorts with a chiffon or silk shirt and some thick woolly ribbed tights and if my budget stretches that far the brown brogues from Topshop!!! I am not too sure whether I could add a blazer to the look as there is always the risk of looking like a school boy!!!

2011 My year of the shorts, I urge you all to get involved!!!

Friday, 17 December 2010

Sloane Ranger; designer handbag, tick!!!

It's been a while, mainly because I had nothing of importance or note to discuss. I have been busy, or shall I say lazy at work, not doing much achieving even less so it was a nice change to go into store. I work for a well known retailer in their head office; every year staff from the HQ have to go into store and help out for four days during the busy periods like Xmas or clearance.

I enjoy it as much as I dread it, having work previously during Uni and College as a sales assistant, I have a good understanding of in-store procedure and so working on the shopfloor is very natural to me. Its also fun because no one is in charge of you so you can start when you like and finish early (my kind of job). Any way to the crux of this post; I decided to work in the branch in Sloane Street as there is always the possibility of a celebrity sighting. Alas no celebrities on my sifts but I did spot the most beautiful array of designer handbags. It would seem that you are nobody in Sloane Street unless you have a designer bag.

Favourites among the natives where Louis V, Mulberry and Hermes, I had to stop myself from looking to eager everytime a new customer came to the till; eager to catch a glimpse of their IT bag. I have never seen so many Mulberrys in different colours shapes and sizes, I wanted to grab and run on many occassions but as an indecisive person how could I possibly choose the right bag...

I am all over bags, I have a massive bag addiction, having finally brought my first designer bag a Marc by Marc Jacob Grovvy Baby bag which I thought would help my addiction, but as soon as I brought the bag all I wanted was more. My big bag crush is the Alexa Mulberry bag, I know everyone has one (or it seems like they do) but I want in, I want to be in the Alexa bag club, so so badly. Here's hoping I can save enough money next year, as I am pretty sure I will not be getting it for Christmas.

Anyway I hope you all have a great Christmas...I shall try and post again before the big day.


Sunday, 5 December 2010

The Lurgy and Alexander McQueen

I am in the end stages of the lurgy (is this how you spell it?) and am feeling thoroughly sorry for myself. I didn't see it coming...on Thursday I was as fit as a fiddle and by Friday afternoon I was all sneezes and coughs. Luckily I rose to the challenge and trundled down to my local Tesco after work to stock up on every cold and flu of the shelf meds that I could get my hands on, coupled with Vitamin C tablets and fruit juices, I am almost cold free.

We had constant snow for three days and I was feeling rather smug at managing to elude the common cold and then it hit...It was my own fault for standing in the queue for about 45 mins to get into the Alexander Mcqueen Sample sale. Was it worth it??? Maybe?

The queue was long and the snow didn't help, I felt like I definitely earnt my entry. The only saving grace was the three gay guys and their female friend who were in front of me in the queue. They gossiped, wooped and hollered and gave me sly grins, they were great entertaining and I wished that they were my friends. My favourite was the earnest guy who was of out on a date with a twenty something he had meet on the internet (I would have aged him as being in his forties). What a hoot!!!! I hope his date went well.
I have only ever been to the sample sales at the So it was nice to go to something slightly more highbrow, however although I love Alexander Mcqueen (RIP) I guess it is just a bit too avant garde for me. There were loads of pieces from his last collection but I really don't think I can pull of Tudor-esque glamour. In particular there was a beautiful ocre yellow tunic which I would have loved to own, but wear would I wear it, to work, down Clapham on a Saturday night??? no...
I never go anywhere nice enough to wear beautiful items like Alexander Mcqueen, I have been trying to get my friend to start up a business hosting events/ balls for young proffs because I know me like many of my friends want to buy pretty frocks but have no where to wear them to. Let's bring dressing up back!!!
Anyway here are my top looks from Alexander Mcqueen SS11, if I start saving now, I might be able to buy something soon or more likely I can buy Topshops version of the outfit.