Sunday, 26 February 2012

Spijker en Spijker

Check out my Spijker en Spijker pictures from their show below. Unfortunately I have the crapiest camera known to man so my images are mainly out of focus because of the camera delay. The collection had 1920s and 40s influences through the styling and dresses. The collection had a bit of everything to wet your appetite with dress, trouser suits and playsuits. I loved the use of the purple, black and green together. Commercial and very wearable; Spijker en Spijker prduce another success!!!

Portico Rooms

My Saturday at London Fashion Week continued_ so other designers of note in the exhibiton rooms at Somerset House were Kat Maconie and Niels Peeraers, I also saw exhibitions at the Vauxhall Fashion Scout which showed cased up and coming talented designers. Two of my favourite designers were Morana Kranjec and Jennifer Morris.

Kat Maconie - fantasy footwear, easy to wear shapes with contrasting leather. The collection is very eigthies, it reminds me of D&G or Gucci.

 Niels Peeraer - I love this new designers pieces, they are very simple but also very detailed like the head piece above which is apparently based on oriental head pieces. I upset the designer by saying it looked more like a carnival head piece; he says potatoe...
 The bags should definitely be a AW12 must-have, I am hoping he will bring out some darker shades though, as I can see them getting very dirty.
 The wrist cuffs are soo simple but key I can see these selling well everywhere. Bows are so cute and on trend right now. The leather used on all of these pieces are soo smooth, but rigid enough to be durable. I want, I want, I want.
 Morana Kranjec is amazing, all of the outfits are made from paper. Each piece is painstakingly folded and cut to create in my opinion something close to couture. My favourite is the dress at the bottom, obscured by someone in a sheepskin jacket. These paper pieces are beautiful but I am not sure how they will fair in the British weather.

 Jennifer Morris - Her pieces are perfection, I would say Hollywood glamour with the London girl toughness. I could see Blake Lively wearing all of her pieces whether as herself or her alter ego Serena van der Woodsen. My favourite piece was the silver and black shift dress. You can't really see if very well but the black shiny material fades into fringing. It's spot on.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Topshop NewGen, New Season!!!

Soo Topshop had an exhition to celebrate 10 years of Topshop NewGen which is basically the designer collaborations that Topshop do each season, with say David Koma etc. To celebrate this, they got all of there designer collabs past and present to design t-shirts, which where on display in there show room section. The t-shirts where £30 (affordable) and where sold in a cute little ice-cream style van outside Somerset. The t-shirts where also available instore. I really liked the chintz white t-shirt at the bottom, I can't remember who designed it now...anyway, I didn't buy it at the time and I am kicking myself now as I can't seem to find it in any of the Topshops in London!!! Darn it...

 Following on the all of the fab t-shirts where the latest crop of designers being supported by the highstreet brand, which also means they are going to be reasonably priced, well affordable anyway. Below is Thomas Tait, I loved the collection (the highlights) because there where clean lines, I am all about tailoring right now. The colours where also muted which tie in with what is happening at the moment...but the AW12 the colours may be too summery? I am not sure. either way love it and want it in my wardrobe.
 Sister by Sibling is quite a new addition to the Topshop fashion clan, I remember seeing some pieces for AW11 namely some bright turquoise trousers. For AW12 the designer seems to have continued with the fun theme mixing tiger print, hot pink mohair and tiger print. Check out the mini me barbies wearing the best pieces for the collection. My favourite piece is the 60s style tiger print dress, the pom pom headbands are optional.
Sister by Sibling orange faux fair scarf is a must for AW12

 Lucas Nascimento must be another new addition, I absolutely love all of these pieces. Anything with mint and grey mixed together is a plus as far as I am concerned. Again the lines where super sleek and minimalist, ticking all of my fashion cool boxes. The twill shift dress and matching collar-less coat are my favourites.
 Finally Mister Koma made an appears and I have to say I didn't know what all the fuss was about before, but this latest collections was soo spot on and can I say more grown up and wearable than previous collections. There where still the funky party pieces but with them also came items like the aqua skirt below. I see myself wearing that to work. I was mesmerised by the leather belt come skirt (depending on how brave you are) pictured underneath aqua skirt. The leather was very buttery, and the skirt reminded me of something Madonna might wear. There also quite a few cut detail tops and dress which I felt had the Koma branding.

I really loved all of the pieces in the Topshop NewGen umbrella as they where also wearable and more mature in there totality. Is it sad to which it was autumn again? At least I will have time to save up for all of my coveted pieces!!!

London Fashion Week AW12

It is almost 1 o'clock in the morning and I have decided to do a post on London Fashion Week, although I should probably be asleep. So in blogging terms this is quite a late post as LFW finished on Wednesday, and the shows that I went to where last Saturday but I need to spill so here goes...

This was my fourth LFW, I never go for the whole thing, but usually do one day (as I am always working) with by gal pal and fellow fashion obsessive Fashion Somebody. Along with Fashion Somebody with out fail I always get a cold and it rains!!! This year was no exception. I have decided to split up my post for the day so that it is a bit more co-herent and less rambly. To get the ball rolling, below are my invites and LFW buddy!!!

Monday, 20 February 2012

Mary K - I blinked and I missed it!!!

New York fashion week has been and gone, but now LFW is in full swing. London Fashion Week is arguably my fav because as everyie says it is young, fresh and innovative. Less commercial and more creative!!! You can always guarantee that Topshop will do something showy for the season and this year was no different. They launched their collaboration with Mary Katrantzou whose mainline spring/summer 2012 collection was epic. Her range for Topshop was true to form (bright and artistically bold), and typically sold out in about 5 mins!!! By the time I checked Topshop's website there was nothing left!!! I am hoping there will be some more stock later in the season as I have my heart set on the sleeveless top (see the model in the blue trousers)! Check out some of the pieces below.

Collar me Crazy

Inbetween the NYFW and LFW craziness I have discovered an new obsession. This obssession is collars, they are everywhere this season on shirts and tops. What makes the collar so relevant/ key right right now is the contrasting colour/ detailing on them. Designers are missing white shirts with black collars, pink with blue and so on. Some collars have sequins, while others are studded or the ultimate statement leather. Even Karl Lagerfield's collection for Net-a-porter featured individual collars highlighting their fabulousness!!! Incidentently have seen quite alot of leather detailing in the AW12 collection, so this trend is set to run and run. Whether it's a Peter Pan collar or a shirt collar, I am going to pop my collar this season!!!

Monday, 6 February 2012


Soo my last post was about Solange Knowles showing up on my fashion radar, well I have now discovered a new Italian brand called MSGM which I am totally in love with. Apparently the brand was launched in 2008; I haven't really seen the previous collections but for SS12 the brand is spot on. A mixture of funky prints, neon colours and slick silhouettes...To me this brand is reminiscent of Marni but with a younger, fresher tenacity. The price points are also not too bad ranging from £100 - £500; I guess the same as  diffusion collections like MCG or Paul and Joe Sister. Below are some of my favourite pieces, but I am pretty sure that I would wear at least 85% of the range. I haven't seen the range on the high-street but apparently it is available at Matches and Harvey Nichols; online you can also check out Asos, Matches and
You may see me strutting down Shoreditch high-street in the hounds tooth mini dress or neon yellow pleated skirt!!! Lx

Saturday, 4 February 2012

New Style Crush - Solange Knowles

Solange Knowles (Beyounce's 25 year old sister) has just appeared on my radar!!! She is a DJ, musician and mother and has a wardrobe to die for. Much quirkier and fashiony than her older sister Solange mixes staple piece with bright bold colour and african prints! Her style is fun and chic and the final touch is always her directional and funky make up...check out her best bits below...She is also the latest sceleb to do the 'Today I'm Wearing' section on Vogue UK, check out the blog for style inspiration...