Sunday, 26 February 2012

Portico Rooms

My Saturday at London Fashion Week continued_ so other designers of note in the exhibiton rooms at Somerset House were Kat Maconie and Niels Peeraers, I also saw exhibitions at the Vauxhall Fashion Scout which showed cased up and coming talented designers. Two of my favourite designers were Morana Kranjec and Jennifer Morris.

Kat Maconie - fantasy footwear, easy to wear shapes with contrasting leather. The collection is very eigthies, it reminds me of D&G or Gucci.

 Niels Peeraer - I love this new designers pieces, they are very simple but also very detailed like the head piece above which is apparently based on oriental head pieces. I upset the designer by saying it looked more like a carnival head piece; he says potatoe...
 The bags should definitely be a AW12 must-have, I am hoping he will bring out some darker shades though, as I can see them getting very dirty.
 The wrist cuffs are soo simple but key I can see these selling well everywhere. Bows are so cute and on trend right now. The leather used on all of these pieces are soo smooth, but rigid enough to be durable. I want, I want, I want.
 Morana Kranjec is amazing, all of the outfits are made from paper. Each piece is painstakingly folded and cut to create in my opinion something close to couture. My favourite is the dress at the bottom, obscured by someone in a sheepskin jacket. These paper pieces are beautiful but I am not sure how they will fair in the British weather.

 Jennifer Morris - Her pieces are perfection, I would say Hollywood glamour with the London girl toughness. I could see Blake Lively wearing all of her pieces whether as herself or her alter ego Serena van der Woodsen. My favourite piece was the silver and black shift dress. You can't really see if very well but the black shiny material fades into fringing. It's spot on.

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