Sunday, 28 October 2012

I did it myself; Jewelled knee pads

So I am usually very lazy, but I was prompted into action after seeing this some jewelled tights by
Elnaz Niknani on Not Just Another Label. The tights were really interesting because they had jewelled knee caps and other embellishments, however I never fair well with tights and they often ladder five minutes after I have put them on. At £150 the tights were also a bit out of my price range.

After seeing the tights I decided that jewelled knee caps would look a-maz-ing on skinny jeans/ jeggings. I was able to create the desired effect for £10.80. All you need are patches and sew on gems which you can buy from your local haberdashery. I got mine from John Lewis they had a selection of fabric, leather and velvet patches, I went for the latter. I also brought some sew on pewter colour gems on a ribbons.

First of all I detached all of the gem from the ribbon and placed them on the patches where I wanted them to be. Then I took them off and started sewing them while trying to recreate the pattern I made.
Once I had finished sewing them all on. I put my jeans on and then pinned the patches where they looked best; finally I sewed them on.
Hey presto some bedazzled jeans!!! I have actually had lots of compliments about them as well.

Monday, 22 October 2012

Tim Walker @ Somerset House

I took a holiday from the busy streets of London and landed in Tim Walker's exhibition at Somerset House and what an enjoyable time I had. Tim Walker is by far one of my favourite fashion photographers because the images that he captures are other worldly and steeped in fairy tale. For those who are not familiar with Tim Walker's work will at least know him from the AW12 Mulberry campaign which he photographed with the hairy monsters.

The free exhibition at Somerset is sponsored by Mulberry and is on now until the 27th January. There is a strong body of his work displayed along with props from the photographs and insights into the photographers thinking.

I recommend getting lost in this wonder land for an hour or two. See some of my favourite pieces below:

A quiet courtyard at Somerset House
Larger than life wasp, beetle and cricket

This skeleton was absolutely massive, maybe 20ft tall. It would be a great addition to anyone's home with Halloween on the way.

Something nightmares are made of, a gigantic doll

There's something fairytale like about this peace

Poor Scarlet Johanson
The march hare...Albert Elbaz

Sunday, 7 October 2012

All things bright and beautiful

I am feeling very blog-chatty today so I am posting for the second time. After my month of splurging, I am going to try not to buy anything else this month. My wardrobe is bulging and I had to take a massive bag of bags to the recycling skip as my room was beginning to look like a whose who of the British high street; Urban Outfitter, River Island, Topshop...I am however allowed to look.
Below are three of my best discoveries:
Vampire fang sterling silver necklace by Verameat; available in various finishes. I actually read about this New York brand in Nylon's September issue. They have some really amazing pieces all made with high quality metals. I am not sure if they deliver to the UK, but I will definitely be enquiring once my spending ban is over. The necklace is my favourite and anyone who knows me will know why. I am a big fan of vampire related movies/stories/TV programs. Prices start at $90 for this beauty which is around £60, this is a bargain for a forever piece like this.

Second on my hit list are these gorgeous Red leather Harlem ankle boots by Jeffrey Campbell, available at Office. I happened upon these during my last visit to Selfridges. This footwear combines three of my favourite things: an ankle boot, a wedge heel, and something a bit quirky. I know the cut away heel, or horse hoof it you may, has been done to death but this ankle boot is so unassuming it doesn't matter. Mine for £115; I am usually quite cheap when it comes to shoes, but my Litas have proved that JCs are prefect for running around in and so worth spending a little bit more on.
This is my splurge item, something that I know I will never buy, but will continue to day dream about. This faux-fur lined leopard print cape from APC is what every autumn wardrobe should include. This piece is versatile, maybe slightly showy, but would work perfectly with a pair of skinny jeans and boots. At £330 it is out of my price range, but I can only hope that no one buys it and I can get my hands on it at a marked down price later on in the season. Fingers crossed!!!
Soo these are few of my favourite things...Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, it's back to work tomorrow!

Anna Dello Russo x H&M

So there was soo much hype about the collaboration between Anna Dello Russo and H&M, but the actual launch passed me by. I was heading to WH Smith's in Selfridges (they have the best selection of fashion magazines in London) when I stumbled across the turquoise and gold den. It was a visual explosion, of gems, glistening metals and ostentatious jewellery.

I am a huge fan of H&M and Anna Dello Russo who can only be described as Fab-u-lous! I was glad to see that the collection was exactly what I expected it to be, and ten times more but I think H&M forgot that Dello Russo is super fashion forward. I think the pieces in the range, although amazing were not that easy to wear unless you are a flamboyant editor of Vogue.

Check out some images of the collection in-store:

Almost life size Anna on VM Display

Amazing charm necklace, bling tastic at £99.99

Extravagant, black bird headpiece/fasinator!!! Why do I not have any amazing events to wear this to.

Accessorise with any pair of glasses.

I'm a big fan of packaging, and this hits the spot.

My favourite piece was these sunglasses on a chain.

 I can't wait until H&M's next collaboration with Maison Martin Margiela...


Monday, 1 October 2012

Melabelle AW12

Me and Fashion Somebody braved the cold autumn air and heading down to Notting Hill to see Melabelle's AW12 collection. The brand has not previously been on my radar but I was intrigued to see what the company had to offer.

Their AW12 collection is versatile with lots of co-ordinating pieces; mix and match if you like. The pieces are a combination of seperates and dresses sprinkled with some luxurious outerwear. The designer Bella Cagner describes herself as a bit off a tomboy which you can see have influenced her collections, although the pieces are feminine they are also understated and easy to wear.

Below are some of my favourite pieces, I love the print on the shirt especially it is easy to dress up or down!!!

In terms of price points, the range is probably a little pricey for me, especially after all of my recent purchases. But the quality of the clothes makes the cost of the clothing very reasonable; think Hobbs or Jaeger. Prices start around £71 for a tunic top through to £435 for a wool pea coat.

Overall the collection is beautifully relaxed and the pieces within it would be a welcome addition to any modern woman's wardrobe.

Check out their website to find your newest store or buy online