Saturday, 30 October 2010

Marky Marc

Well I am continuing to delve further through the SS11 shows and next on my Check list is Marc Jacob. I love Marc Jaob, I always think his shows are a must-see whether is his Main line, his diffusion line Marc by Marc Jacob or his work for Louis V.

Marc Jacobs main collection was good but I felt like it wasn't really him. He clearly took influences from the 70s with long flowing dresses, pussy bow blouses and volumious trousers/ playsuits. This was reminiscent of Gucci, 2 seasons ago; I know that fashion moves around in cycles but I really think that this trend has come around again very quickly. I enjoyed the use of his bold colours with deep purple, baby pink, rusty oranges and mustards weaving their way through the range. Also I love the way that MJ has also used one colour for a whole outfit, with perhaps a flash of something else.

I am totally going to be wearing an all in one colour outfit next season. I'm thinking pretty in pink.

Again I don't know why all of the designers have taken to using a shiny man made fabric which looks alot like nylon or viscose. If I had to shell out the big bucks for an outfit from MJ or Prada I don't want the material to look like its from Primark. I think I need to do some digging and find out whats up with that.

My highlights of the collection was the mustard short suit, the pink pantsuit, and the red show stopping dress, because they are contemporary classics, and I strongly believe we should bring back the short suit. Can I rock it, I think i can!!!

My low lights where the dodgy knitwear, Sonia Rykiel can rest assured that MJ won't be taking her crown as the knitwork guru. The breast targets are soo 90s. My other low light was the random disco crazy print used on some garments...WTF???? that's all I'm saying.

Okay, so I am slightly underwhelmed by MJ (and of course there was Prada as well) which has made me think that I need to look outside my little favourite designer bubble. This bubble usually includes Marc Jacob, Miuciana Prada, Karl Lagerfield, PPQ, Ashish and Richard Nicoll. I am not going to write off the latter three yet mind, as I haven't seen their stuff as of this moment. So you can expect my next post to be gushing about Lord Lagerfield.

Anyway I am off to try and find the prefect I have not dressed up for Halloween outfit. Bye for now!!!

Sunday, 24 October 2010

I Love it...

I am afraid that I am suffering from the Sunday blues, and mourning the loss of the weekend. As a result I have decided to think of better things... What I am loving this week, my must-haves you may call them.

1. The Alexa Mulberry bag, £695 need it, love it, want it

2. Knee High red boots, River Island £84.99 soo burberry but without the price tag.
3. Pink Knitted Jumper, River Island £39.99, its all about colour and will take me nicely through to SS11

4. Animal ear hats, they are everywhere. I like this topshop one for £12 but any will do.
5. Smythson diary £18
6. Vivienne Westwood £25 charm bracelet - I love everything Vi Vi puts out
7. Nixon Camera £350, I would love to be able to play the fashion photographer.
8. D&G Fairisle jumper £250
9. Vivienne Westwood leather buckle boot: Everyone wants to be a pirate!!!

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Prada was practically perfect!!!

Having been underwhelmed by Miu Miu, I have to say I was pleasantly suprised by Miuciana's Prada collection. It was fun and flirty and every thing a SS11 collection should be. I could quite easily see myself wearing many of the outfits (obviously if my budget allowed). It is guaranteed that for the summer months there will alway be stripes, but I loved the way these where mixed with the damask print.

Again the fashion marvel used primary colours for this collection (i wonder whether it was 2 for 1 on fabric) and i loved the idea of wearing a suit completely in one colour. And how versatile such a suit would be as you could mix it up with a complementary colour shirt, or pair the skirt and jacket with different clothing!!

The silhouette of the sundresses was also great, and actually a style I was looking for in SS10. Very 1940's circa Grease. I have chills there multiplying...this colletion definately gave me goose bumps.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Miu Miu is bright and beautiful

I am working way through the AW11 Fashion shows and I have decided to start off with Miu Miu. As everyone knows Miuciana Prada is a fashion great. Every season she seems to breathe a breath of fresh air into fashion week or month. This year I have to say I was slighty underwhelmed by the collection. It was very safe and commercial. I am sure the buyers were rubbing there hands together when they saw this range.

Apart from the commerciality of the range, the highlights I thought was the use of one primary colour with a flash of another.

The flashes of oriental influences also added an extra layer of interest to the garments, and I can see this being utilised by the highstreet. I also think the fan detailing on some of the dresses and blouses will be a firm faviourite amongst customers.

I have to say I wasn't too fussed by the use of the star in the collection, I expect this will be seen every where in AW11 but I will not be buying into it.

In conclusion, I liked the detail on the clothing in this collection, but overall I was not fussed! I hope Prada brings her game back for next season...