Sunday, 26 September 2010

Nicole Farhi's After show Legion d'Honneur party

I have to say that I was a bit disappointed when I went to the Nicole Farhi After Show Legion d'Honneur award party. I was expecting to see a wall to wall celebrity fest but instead there was just people who seemed to know each other. My only sightings were Hilary Alexander (I have so much respet for her) and Bill Nighy. It was really random to see Bill Nighy there but I realise having seen pictures of the dinner which took place beforehand he was a guest there.

The only real highlight of the night apart from the goody bags (which included a t-shirt, macaroons, and 25% off) was Ben Grimes DJ set. She was really good and mixed hip hop with indie effortlessly. The night finished at 1.30pm as I dragged my crazy friend home. An alrightish night but I whih there had been more FASHION.

The rest of my Fashion Week

Hello all, on this humble sunday evening I am suffering from a serious case of back to work blues. Where has the weekend gone...I have been thinking about last week and I thought I would fill you in on my london fashion week experiences although they were few and far between. I attended two shows and went to one fashion party. You will already have heard about my take on the Ozwald Boateng show, so I will start with the Jasper Garvida show.

Jasper's show was my first ever LFW show ever, although technically it was a Vauxhall Fashion Scout show, but I am splitting hairs. Anyway the first hurdle was getting into the show, my friend had a ticket but I didn't. Through sheer luck I managed to get in considering they checked the ticket at least three times. Me and my friend stood at the back waiting for the show to unfold.

The show began more or less on time, it was energetic yet whimsical. The main pallet was baby pinks, lilacs and pastel colours however this was infused with some bolder blacks, golds and bronzes. The hemlines were high and at complete odds to this seasons maxi and midi lengths. I think that the collection was very commercial and the styling definately added to the mood of the range. However I think that there was a lack on cohesion between the paler and the darker pieces. My highlight of the collection was the embellishments on the dress heavy range. The designer used what I can only call fringing on many of the pieces, as far as I am concerned you can't go wrong with a bit of frou frou or fringing. Overall it was a safe nd pretty range and I hope Mr Garvida does well with it.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Ozwald Boateng an Inspiration

Hello all, welcome to my blog, I am feeling inspired having recently been to the Ozwald Boateng Show at Leicester Square. The night had an auspicious start when the PR refused to let me in but eventually I managed to secure a seat. Each drink holder contained a small bottle of Moet which was a better start to the evening. As I sat sipping on my champagne through a straw you could feel the anticipation building. I took this time to have a scout around and see what people where wearing, a mixture of smart casual and glitzy glamour. I felt like I had committed a fashion faux par having come straight from work, and then the gym wearing a long grey jersey dress with a belted check shirt on top!!! My look was more wayward traveller than glamour puss but at least I got in.

The show started an hour later than billed with highlights from a film/documentary about Mr Boateng called "a Man's story", the film was very inspiring and showed the man to be a very creative and dynamic person with a great understanding of the male form. After the film finished the show began! I feel like a spent the next ten minutes with my mouth wide open! The show was amazing with around 100 male models from around the world and of all ages. The clothes were beautifully fitted and well considered. The models came out in various shades of colours like gradients starting with charcoal grays moving into greens etc. the styling was very contemporary!!! At the end all of the models came out for an impressive group photo! Finally the man himself took to the stage with his dad and bogged to "you've got the love" cheesy but it was definately a moment. Mr. Boateng is definately a marvel and proved on Wednesday night that a well cut suit can transform a man!

Other than the fashion it was good to have a sneeky peek of celebrities up close, apparently Michelle Williams was there...but I saw Vanessa Feltz and her fiancée, Callum Best looking dapper with Su-Elise from Misteeq, Lisa Butcher, Charlie Speed and the lead singer of the Noisettes!!!