Monday, 16 April 2012

Bringing it all together

This week I have two "Totes Amazing" items, the first is the very on trend patterned suit. I tried on the beautiful number below and fell in love within. Together they cost £85 which doesn't break the bank and for something that might look completely of place next year its not bad. There are actually some shorts as well; how versatile. What I love about this look is the complementary clash of patterns, worn with a white shirt it works well. Perfect for the office and for play as well with or without heels!!!

 I'm also loving the  denim playsuit. I've always been a fan of the Psuit, but there is just something very utilitarian about a denim overall that makes me very happy. The number below is by Levis and I would pair it with some towering heels. No accessories needed, this outfit is already good to go!!! I would like to implore everyone to make denim jumpsuits the new key trend for SS12/ pre AW12. Totes Amazing Darhling xxx

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Raf Simons says

So it was finally announced yesterday that Raf Simons will be John Galliano's replacement at Dior. He has been  hot favourite to take the reign of the global brand ever since he was given his marching orders from Jil Sanders. I am a big fan of Jil Sanders and loved his work there; he made the fashion world fall in love with colour blocking, less is more and simple tailoring. Check out designs below:

I think the general response from everyone who matters in the fashion world is a positive one, I can not wait until June when we will get the opportunity to see his first collection. This will be SS13 couture, a make or break collection perhaps. I am very intrigued to see what he puts out there because Dior is definitely not 'less is more' or simple tailoring, rather the opposite. As I wait with bated breath for the new collection, check out AW12 Dior.

Can you see the difference??? I'm thinking Dior's next collection will either be 'epic' or a 'car crash' (or should it be catwalk crash).

Saturday, 7 April 2012


So everyone is talking about Homelands, I have to say that I found the one episode that I watched pret-ty boring, but I may have to gove it another go. As a result of the sucess of the program, I seem to be constantly confronted with Claire Danes at the moment. Whether it on TV or coming through my letter box via an ASOS magazine. I suppose she has simmered quitely in the background unlike some of her peers; I remember her in Romeo and Juliet and of course My so called life but nothing since. Check her out in her shoot for ASOS below, I have also pulled together some of her best outfits from the last couple of years.

And to the catwalk:

The Sun is Shining and the rhythm is deep...

This are some of my favorite glasses for SS12. Now the weather is improving I need to invest in pair, but decisions, decisions...

Have you seen Raoul?

OMG, I am loving Raoul. According to their website the brand was launched in 2002 (where have I been) but I only recently clapped eyes on it in Selfridges. It is a Men's and Women's wear label producing clothing and accessories. I was of course drawn to the ladies accessories in particular the bags. See the bags below.
My favourite bag is the Candice bag because it is multi functional, wear it as a clutch or an over shoulder number. The tan version is above, but I love the pale pink version below.
This bag is soo cute and is about £250 so not to bad for a luxury fash brand. The design detail is soo unique, for example you move the circle into the middle  to open the clasp and if you want to use the handle it loops around the inside of the bag at the top and links together.

I haven't seen the clothing in person, but have picked out my favourite pieces below.

 I think this brand is definitely one to watch, check out the website for yourself:Raoul Website

Happy Easter xxxx

Running through my head!!

I feel like I have been on hiatus for the last couple of weeks; busy doing I am not sure what. While doing nothing much in particular I became drawn to a new trend, (well two trends) which seem to be building up momentum. Platform and Wedge trainers; they shouldn't work but some how they do!!! Now my style is quite quirky but I am not street, I am not sportswear cool; I hung up my Adidas tracksuit bottoms many years ago. I did not think that I would be able to pull of a pair of high tops and look credible; enter the wedge and suddenly it all makes sense. My favs high tops are the off white pair with hidden heel by Topshop (bottom right hand corner). The Nike x Liberty ones are also epic!!!
 I am also loving the double sole trainers which I guess are influenced from what's happening on the catwalk with everyone's interest in the flatform and 'Creepers' from the previous season. Topshop and Urban Outfitter seem to be doing the best ones, with prices starting at £26. They don't break the bank or your ankles because they are soo easy to wear. I tried on the grey and pink ones below, they made my legs look super long.
Try these shoes out I dare you!!!