Monday, 27 December 2010

Tough Love - random thoughts

Touch Love - random thoughts
Touch Love - random thoughts by FashionLind featuring black boots

As with much of fashion, it's all about juxtaposition. Mixing and matching to create something new. This mood board mixes masculine with feminine styling.

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Christmas Cheer!!!

Christmas Cheer!!!
Christmas Cheer!!! by FashionLind featuring ugg slippers

This is just a bit of fun, and my Christmas treat to you!!! I'll put these items on my list for next year!!!

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Salacious Sales

Well is it just me or do the sales start earlier each year. I am still gearing up to Christmas but I am already being enticed by pre Jan sales promos. My achillies heel is always Topshop's shoe sale; I can never be bothered to trapes through the copious rails of clothing but when it comes to the footwear I can not be stopped. Party "bang, bang" shoes are my fav but I also swing for the casual classics as well. On my hit list this year are the Camel damask over the knee boots, the graduate 3 buckle shoe, KAM box leather brogues, Faux fur boots by Unique, and the RAE Patent V Throat sandals. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will get some money for Christmas to extend my already over reaching closet.

Am still having issues with the Bailiffs so I will probably have to forgo my usual sale frenzy and focus on some key pieces; I shall be making 2011 the year of the shorts. Being a short person, they will need to be stricty above the knee affair. My favourite pieces from the sale arena are; Vivienne Westwood £145, Peg shorts around £30 from Asos; Green tweed shorts £30 Topshop!!

So I will be strutting down the pavements of London in my shorties.

London fashion week SS11 was a prime example of how on trend this piece of clothing in; the short suit was everywhere!!! I will be pairing my shorts with a chiffon or silk shirt and some thick woolly ribbed tights and if my budget stretches that far the brown brogues from Topshop!!! I am not too sure whether I could add a blazer to the look as there is always the risk of looking like a school boy!!!

2011 My year of the shorts, I urge you all to get involved!!!

Friday, 17 December 2010

Sloane Ranger; designer handbag, tick!!!

It's been a while, mainly because I had nothing of importance or note to discuss. I have been busy, or shall I say lazy at work, not doing much achieving even less so it was a nice change to go into store. I work for a well known retailer in their head office; every year staff from the HQ have to go into store and help out for four days during the busy periods like Xmas or clearance.

I enjoy it as much as I dread it, having work previously during Uni and College as a sales assistant, I have a good understanding of in-store procedure and so working on the shopfloor is very natural to me. Its also fun because no one is in charge of you so you can start when you like and finish early (my kind of job). Any way to the crux of this post; I decided to work in the branch in Sloane Street as there is always the possibility of a celebrity sighting. Alas no celebrities on my sifts but I did spot the most beautiful array of designer handbags. It would seem that you are nobody in Sloane Street unless you have a designer bag.

Favourites among the natives where Louis V, Mulberry and Hermes, I had to stop myself from looking to eager everytime a new customer came to the till; eager to catch a glimpse of their IT bag. I have never seen so many Mulberrys in different colours shapes and sizes, I wanted to grab and run on many occassions but as an indecisive person how could I possibly choose the right bag...

I am all over bags, I have a massive bag addiction, having finally brought my first designer bag a Marc by Marc Jacob Grovvy Baby bag which I thought would help my addiction, but as soon as I brought the bag all I wanted was more. My big bag crush is the Alexa Mulberry bag, I know everyone has one (or it seems like they do) but I want in, I want to be in the Alexa bag club, so so badly. Here's hoping I can save enough money next year, as I am pretty sure I will not be getting it for Christmas.

Anyway I hope you all have a great Christmas...I shall try and post again before the big day.


Sunday, 5 December 2010

The Lurgy and Alexander McQueen

I am in the end stages of the lurgy (is this how you spell it?) and am feeling thoroughly sorry for myself. I didn't see it coming...on Thursday I was as fit as a fiddle and by Friday afternoon I was all sneezes and coughs. Luckily I rose to the challenge and trundled down to my local Tesco after work to stock up on every cold and flu of the shelf meds that I could get my hands on, coupled with Vitamin C tablets and fruit juices, I am almost cold free.

We had constant snow for three days and I was feeling rather smug at managing to elude the common cold and then it hit...It was my own fault for standing in the queue for about 45 mins to get into the Alexander Mcqueen Sample sale. Was it worth it??? Maybe?

The queue was long and the snow didn't help, I felt like I definitely earnt my entry. The only saving grace was the three gay guys and their female friend who were in front of me in the queue. They gossiped, wooped and hollered and gave me sly grins, they were great entertaining and I wished that they were my friends. My favourite was the earnest guy who was of out on a date with a twenty something he had meet on the internet (I would have aged him as being in his forties). What a hoot!!!! I hope his date went well.
I have only ever been to the sample sales at the So it was nice to go to something slightly more highbrow, however although I love Alexander Mcqueen (RIP) I guess it is just a bit too avant garde for me. There were loads of pieces from his last collection but I really don't think I can pull of Tudor-esque glamour. In particular there was a beautiful ocre yellow tunic which I would have loved to own, but wear would I wear it, to work, down Clapham on a Saturday night??? no...
I never go anywhere nice enough to wear beautiful items like Alexander Mcqueen, I have been trying to get my friend to start up a business hosting events/ balls for young proffs because I know me like many of my friends want to buy pretty frocks but have no where to wear them to. Let's bring dressing up back!!!
Anyway here are my top looks from Alexander Mcqueen SS11, if I start saving now, I might be able to buy something soon or more likely I can buy Topshops version of the outfit.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Weekend Musings!!!

Well with a free weekend ahead of me, I decided to go to Somerset House, I have been meaning to go for about a month. There were two exhibitions that were of interest to me, and I would recommend them highly to you as well. The first is a Matthew Williamson retrospective, and the second was an exhibiton on Rene Gruau/ Dior.

To begin with, I love Somerset House it is a beautiful and historic building. I love that in london all of the buildings are different. New business blocks nestle comfortably next to elegant old town houses. Somerset House does not disappoint, it is as beautiful inside as it is outside. With the decor very true to the time it was built. Having said that the exhibition rooms are very modern, and as you may or may not it is the new home of London Fashion Week (please someone give me an invite).

Entering the house, I had to bypass the ice rink which made me feel or Christmassy and nostalgic. Next time I am there I shall take a slide, just hopefully not on my bum. Anyway I digress. The Matthew Williamson retrospective was free to get into, and was a series of photographs taken from the beginning of his career right through to now. What I loved about the exhibition and I guess his clothing ranges is that they are so bright and colourful; full of life. There were also illustrations and extracts from his sketch books. I felt so inspired by the photographs showing Kate Moss, Helen Christensen, Jade Jagger and Naomi Campbell and this was just his Graduate Collection. I really which they had these photographs as prints as they will definitely brighten up my boring room and more than this I wishI had some money top buy a dress from his usually India inspired collections.

Moving along to the Rene Gruau exhibiton, which is £5 for students and £6.50 for the rest. I didn't really know much about Gruau before this exhibitions however I did have a calendar with his illustrations on it in previous years. The collection was based on Rene's work with Dior, he was a chief illustator for Dior cosmetics from the 60s through to the early 90s. He was influenced by popular culture and also referenced flowers lot. What I loved about the images was the hand painted quality, and the simplicity of the illustrations, the bold use of the colours was almost expressionist; I love the combination of the primary colours... my favourite image was a girl wrapped up in a bouquet of flowers. Simple yet effective!!!

For a day out Somerset House is exquisite and well worth a visit.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Harry Potter!!!

Well I did promise this next blog would be about Harry Potter, and I am happy to wax lyrically about the new film!!! Based on the final Harry Potter book the Deathly Hallows pt 1 had all the dark connations that you would expect. The trio appeared to have grown up alot between the last movie and this one.

Ron (Rupert Grint) especially had manned up with broad shoulders and a constant twelve o'clock shadow. I am always suprised that fashion doesn't play more of a role within the films as clothing can be just as magical as the film. Instead the costume designers opt for casualwear from GAP, functional maybe but not fantasy. The only glimpses of visionary fashion came in the form of Luna Lovegood (hippie) and Bellatrix Lestrange (gothic). However Hermoine did rock a great red dress at the prenuptials of the eldest Wesley to Fleur Delacour.

That's probably the most I can say about the film from a fashion perspective. The film was amazing as good as the previous installments and as a HP fan I feel I am qualified to say this. Although they tampered with the sequence of events the film was quite true to the book. I would recommend that every one goes and watches the film, I know I will be going back again...

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Bailiffs are Scary!!!

Well I have to begin by announcing in a dramatic manner that I have had one of the worst weeks in memory. Granted my memory is not great (too many alcohol units in my youth) but I haven't remembered soo many sleepless nights since I first started working and anyway. What was the cause of this bad week you may ask; well it was a little red letter that I got through the post from the bailiffs no less. I am not a criminally minded person, and have not had any brushes with the law (excluding under age drinking, but everyone does that) however I seem to go straight from green to red, without even passing through misdemeanour amber.

Having opened the letter a cost of £700 was demanded plus the costs of the bailiffs coming to collect the money, which I am told can be astronomical adding to this is the fact that the crime was from non-payment of council tax between 2003/4 (so this would be 7 years worth of bailiffs costs). In case you are wondering I am innocent to the main degree and have pleaded my case to the council as I was a student during this time, apparently I will still have to pay for nine days worth of tax but I am waiting for a new bill to be sent.

As many of us young professions who live in London will I am sure exclaim, the thing they spend most of their money on is clothing. I am not a particularly panicky person however the more I read up on bailiffs the more scared I became, because I do not own anything of real value, I have my Marc by Marc Jacob bag, my Laptop and my I-phone and that's it. I had images of them taking the whole contents of my wardrobe which I admit is compiled of many, many items of clothes (yet I never have nothing to wear) and driving of in a van leaving me with nothing but my Primani pyjamas. On some base level this excited me with the idea of building a new wardrobe from scratch but it also filled me with fear. What would I do without my clothes?

I started to come up with a mental list of my must loved items which I would plead with them to let me keep. These items included:

- Pink and black polka dot 50s style dress by Sara Berman
- Black jeggings from Topshop (I live in these)
- Pale pink and black striped batwing Jumper - H&M
- Black and White Mohair jumper dress - Warehouse
- Black Jumpsuit - Urban outfitter
- Mustard shift dress - Topshop
- Umbrella Black shift dress - Topshop

These are my special 7 but I am sure I have missed bits out, I couldn't even contemplate thinking about my Shoes, they could take those over my dead body (again with the drama).

Any way I apologise to anyone expecting something interesting from this blog, unfortunately it is really just a rant about my love of clothes. However when you face losing them to the money grabbing Bailiffs, your whole fashion wardrobe flashes before your eyes!!! My next piece will be soon, and about the new Harry Potter film which I saw last night, this also included more drama...a quiet life would be nice.

I am off now to buy more clothes while I still can, and keep my fingers crossed that the council aren't going to send me another massive bill.

Friday, 12 November 2010

Harry Potter Premiere

I am gutted yet again to have missed a premiere of Harry Potter. This one was the Deathly Hallows part one. Being an avid fan I am almost to the point of obsession excited about the new movie and can not wait to see it. More exciting than the film would be the opportunity to meet the cast members. In particular the three main leads; Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson

At the premiere Emma Watson was definately the star in a black lace dress with feather skirt detail. This is gothic chic at its best. Also check out the shoes. Showing that gothic lace is not just for the kids JK Rowling also rocked the black lace look. Clemence was also seen sporting the look.

Moving on from the black lace look, other cast members like Bonnie Wright, Helena Bonham-carter and Katie Leung also did the gothic look in their own way through dark clothing or make up.

I am still not sure what I think about Emma's hair cut yet, everytime I look at it I like it a little bit more. I keep waiting to see a stampede of pixie cuts up and down the UK.

Either way I am super excited and cannot wait to get involved and watch the new Harry Potter movie.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

One New Change

I have been enjoying a lovely week off work and decided to indulge in what I do best shopping. I heard aboutthe new shopping center that has opened up by St.Paul's Cathederal so that's where I head. The Shopping center is One New Direction. There is something about being in that part of town, you know London City proper that makes me sit up and listen. There is a stillness in the air coupled with a simmering tension...its hard to put your finger on it but it is definitely there.

While I was whiling the hours away shopping the busy workers who help to keep the company afloat our busy selling and trading. I like to think of them sitting in their offices all Mad Men and Mad Women, I do actually work in an office and so know this is not true, but nethertheless I assume it is different in London City.

Back to the shopping center, I would describe it as Westfield's but on a smaller scale and less commercial. I can image that this will be a great haunt for people like myself who like a quick fashion fix and lunch time, but people who like the slightly finer things in life. Don't get me wrong there is Topshop (who I love, love, love), H & M and Office but there's also Banana Republic, Allsaints, Guess and Karen Millen. I think they've probably got the mix well between the mid and high end of the highstreet, but where they really excel is the food. Nandos, Zizzi, Gordan Ramsay need I say more. For your quick lunch snack there is also M & S simply food and Eat.

The shopping is definately one for the women with the shop bias towards women's wear but for the men there is a great selection of food for every price point.

I think I would definitely go back for a visit, although only if I am in the area as the shop selection is somewhat limited, also the big low point is that the center is sort of outside if that makes sense, there is a roof but no side cover. When I went the cold weather had just hit so I was frozen by the time I had eyeballed everything. So maybe one for the summer months only.

My final though is, did Simon Cowell name is new boy band after the shopping center, hmmmmmm....

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Godalming, a place in my heart

I found this range of bags online and I it made me smile. Godalming was my stomping ground when I was younger and have many fond memories of the area and now Radley has brought out a bag in the villages name. Well done Radley.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Ode to Mulberry

I love Mulberry bags and hope to own one soon...until then I have to dream. My favourite bag of course is the Alexa in Tan leather.

The perfect date outfit

I have recently discovered Polyvore, and so decided to have a play. Please see before you the perfect date outfits...

Friday, 5 November 2010

Trousers are soo now!!!

Unfortunately you can't read the writing on my little moodboard. But basically I am loving this new trouser trend that is currently happening. I used to be strictly a skirt or dress girl because I found them more flattering and easier to fit, but now I am totally up for some trouser action.
Although there is a wide variety of styles, shapes and sizes I am torn between skinny fit and flared. They are polar opposites but neither the less flattering in their own way.
I practically live in my black treggings, although I have quite alot of thigh to play with they are slimming, especially when worn with a baggy top. I don't currently own a pair of flared trousers although I used to rock the wide leg cordrouy look back in the day. I think what the flared trouser offers a tree trunk thighed girl like myself is a disguise. They skim carelessly over the leg and elongate all in a volumulous flick of fabric. I have my eye on the rusty red pair on the moodboard. The only down fall I think is the need to wear heels with the trousers. I can already feel my feet hurting!!!
Anyway next time Ricard Nicoll, p.s. I want to marry him!!!

K K K Karl

As I said in one of my earlier blogs I was going to check out Mr. Largerfield's SS11 offering and I am happy to say that I loved the collection. As usual it was whimsy and fantasy with a contemporary edge.

The collection was full of must have pieces that you could keep for years and would not appear out dated.

My favourite item was the peach pink ostrich feather dress. I could just image going to some amazing ball and being twist and turn by some handsome stranger.

Again the trouser suit featured in this collection so I think we can definitely expect to see these on the highstreet. However I hope they make the shorts abit longer because I do not have the thighs to pull of the ones in this image. I also want to see how many people will be donning the leather leg warmers. I can't decide whether I love them or hate them. I guess its Marmite.

Finally I do not think any designer can go wrong with Black and White together, its very fresh!!

Two thumbs up for Mr. Largerfield...I love you long time xxx

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

I am currently completing a part-time masters at the moment and have decided to do my dissertation on Co - branding. I know that my dissertation is going to take over my life, but I am seeing brand collaborations where ever I go. Whether its Jimmy Choo and Hunter, the boots are fab. Jimmy Cho and Ugg (£600 eek) Lee Jean and Vivienne Westwood Anglomania, and more recently the yearly offering by H&M. This year the retailer are partnering up with fashion genius Albert Elbaz! Check out the promo video. The products launch on the 23rd November, I know I will be first in line!!!

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Marky Marc

Well I am continuing to delve further through the SS11 shows and next on my Check list is Marc Jacob. I love Marc Jaob, I always think his shows are a must-see whether is his Main line, his diffusion line Marc by Marc Jacob or his work for Louis V.

Marc Jacobs main collection was good but I felt like it wasn't really him. He clearly took influences from the 70s with long flowing dresses, pussy bow blouses and volumious trousers/ playsuits. This was reminiscent of Gucci, 2 seasons ago; I know that fashion moves around in cycles but I really think that this trend has come around again very quickly. I enjoyed the use of his bold colours with deep purple, baby pink, rusty oranges and mustards weaving their way through the range. Also I love the way that MJ has also used one colour for a whole outfit, with perhaps a flash of something else.

I am totally going to be wearing an all in one colour outfit next season. I'm thinking pretty in pink.

Again I don't know why all of the designers have taken to using a shiny man made fabric which looks alot like nylon or viscose. If I had to shell out the big bucks for an outfit from MJ or Prada I don't want the material to look like its from Primark. I think I need to do some digging and find out whats up with that.

My highlights of the collection was the mustard short suit, the pink pantsuit, and the red show stopping dress, because they are contemporary classics, and I strongly believe we should bring back the short suit. Can I rock it, I think i can!!!

My low lights where the dodgy knitwear, Sonia Rykiel can rest assured that MJ won't be taking her crown as the knitwork guru. The breast targets are soo 90s. My other low light was the random disco crazy print used on some garments...WTF???? that's all I'm saying.

Okay, so I am slightly underwhelmed by MJ (and of course there was Prada as well) which has made me think that I need to look outside my little favourite designer bubble. This bubble usually includes Marc Jacob, Miuciana Prada, Karl Lagerfield, PPQ, Ashish and Richard Nicoll. I am not going to write off the latter three yet mind, as I haven't seen their stuff as of this moment. So you can expect my next post to be gushing about Lord Lagerfield.

Anyway I am off to try and find the prefect I have not dressed up for Halloween outfit. Bye for now!!!

Sunday, 24 October 2010

I Love it...

I am afraid that I am suffering from the Sunday blues, and mourning the loss of the weekend. As a result I have decided to think of better things... What I am loving this week, my must-haves you may call them.

1. The Alexa Mulberry bag, £695 need it, love it, want it

2. Knee High red boots, River Island £84.99 soo burberry but without the price tag.
3. Pink Knitted Jumper, River Island £39.99, its all about colour and will take me nicely through to SS11

4. Animal ear hats, they are everywhere. I like this topshop one for £12 but any will do.
5. Smythson diary £18
6. Vivienne Westwood £25 charm bracelet - I love everything Vi Vi puts out
7. Nixon Camera £350, I would love to be able to play the fashion photographer.
8. D&G Fairisle jumper £250
9. Vivienne Westwood leather buckle boot: Everyone wants to be a pirate!!!

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Prada was practically perfect!!!

Having been underwhelmed by Miu Miu, I have to say I was pleasantly suprised by Miuciana's Prada collection. It was fun and flirty and every thing a SS11 collection should be. I could quite easily see myself wearing many of the outfits (obviously if my budget allowed). It is guaranteed that for the summer months there will alway be stripes, but I loved the way these where mixed with the damask print.

Again the fashion marvel used primary colours for this collection (i wonder whether it was 2 for 1 on fabric) and i loved the idea of wearing a suit completely in one colour. And how versatile such a suit would be as you could mix it up with a complementary colour shirt, or pair the skirt and jacket with different clothing!!

The silhouette of the sundresses was also great, and actually a style I was looking for in SS10. Very 1940's circa Grease. I have chills there multiplying...this colletion definately gave me goose bumps.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Miu Miu is bright and beautiful

I am working way through the AW11 Fashion shows and I have decided to start off with Miu Miu. As everyone knows Miuciana Prada is a fashion great. Every season she seems to breathe a breath of fresh air into fashion week or month. This year I have to say I was slighty underwhelmed by the collection. It was very safe and commercial. I am sure the buyers were rubbing there hands together when they saw this range.

Apart from the commerciality of the range, the highlights I thought was the use of one primary colour with a flash of another.

The flashes of oriental influences also added an extra layer of interest to the garments, and I can see this being utilised by the highstreet. I also think the fan detailing on some of the dresses and blouses will be a firm faviourite amongst customers.

I have to say I wasn't too fussed by the use of the star in the collection, I expect this will be seen every where in AW11 but I will not be buying into it.

In conclusion, I liked the detail on the clothing in this collection, but overall I was not fussed! I hope Prada brings her game back for next season...

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Nicole Farhi's After show Legion d'Honneur party

I have to say that I was a bit disappointed when I went to the Nicole Farhi After Show Legion d'Honneur award party. I was expecting to see a wall to wall celebrity fest but instead there was just people who seemed to know each other. My only sightings were Hilary Alexander (I have so much respet for her) and Bill Nighy. It was really random to see Bill Nighy there but I realise having seen pictures of the dinner which took place beforehand he was a guest there.

The only real highlight of the night apart from the goody bags (which included a t-shirt, macaroons, and 25% off) was Ben Grimes DJ set. She was really good and mixed hip hop with indie effortlessly. The night finished at 1.30pm as I dragged my crazy friend home. An alrightish night but I whih there had been more FASHION.

The rest of my Fashion Week

Hello all, on this humble sunday evening I am suffering from a serious case of back to work blues. Where has the weekend gone...I have been thinking about last week and I thought I would fill you in on my london fashion week experiences although they were few and far between. I attended two shows and went to one fashion party. You will already have heard about my take on the Ozwald Boateng show, so I will start with the Jasper Garvida show.

Jasper's show was my first ever LFW show ever, although technically it was a Vauxhall Fashion Scout show, but I am splitting hairs. Anyway the first hurdle was getting into the show, my friend had a ticket but I didn't. Through sheer luck I managed to get in considering they checked the ticket at least three times. Me and my friend stood at the back waiting for the show to unfold.

The show began more or less on time, it was energetic yet whimsical. The main pallet was baby pinks, lilacs and pastel colours however this was infused with some bolder blacks, golds and bronzes. The hemlines were high and at complete odds to this seasons maxi and midi lengths. I think that the collection was very commercial and the styling definately added to the mood of the range. However I think that there was a lack on cohesion between the paler and the darker pieces. My highlight of the collection was the embellishments on the dress heavy range. The designer used what I can only call fringing on many of the pieces, as far as I am concerned you can't go wrong with a bit of frou frou or fringing. Overall it was a safe nd pretty range and I hope Mr Garvida does well with it.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Ozwald Boateng an Inspiration

Hello all, welcome to my blog, I am feeling inspired having recently been to the Ozwald Boateng Show at Leicester Square. The night had an auspicious start when the PR refused to let me in but eventually I managed to secure a seat. Each drink holder contained a small bottle of Moet which was a better start to the evening. As I sat sipping on my champagne through a straw you could feel the anticipation building. I took this time to have a scout around and see what people where wearing, a mixture of smart casual and glitzy glamour. I felt like I had committed a fashion faux par having come straight from work, and then the gym wearing a long grey jersey dress with a belted check shirt on top!!! My look was more wayward traveller than glamour puss but at least I got in.

The show started an hour later than billed with highlights from a film/documentary about Mr Boateng called "a Man's story", the film was very inspiring and showed the man to be a very creative and dynamic person with a great understanding of the male form. After the film finished the show began! I feel like a spent the next ten minutes with my mouth wide open! The show was amazing with around 100 male models from around the world and of all ages. The clothes were beautifully fitted and well considered. The models came out in various shades of colours like gradients starting with charcoal grays moving into greens etc. the styling was very contemporary!!! At the end all of the models came out for an impressive group photo! Finally the man himself took to the stage with his dad and bogged to "you've got the love" cheesy but it was definately a moment. Mr. Boateng is definately a marvel and proved on Wednesday night that a well cut suit can transform a man!

Other than the fashion it was good to have a sneeky peek of celebrities up close, apparently Michelle Williams was there...but I saw Vanessa Feltz and her fiancée, Callum Best looking dapper with Su-Elise from Misteeq, Lisa Butcher, Charlie Speed and the lead singer of the Noisettes!!!