Friday, 5 November 2010

Trousers are soo now!!!

Unfortunately you can't read the writing on my little moodboard. But basically I am loving this new trouser trend that is currently happening. I used to be strictly a skirt or dress girl because I found them more flattering and easier to fit, but now I am totally up for some trouser action.
Although there is a wide variety of styles, shapes and sizes I am torn between skinny fit and flared. They are polar opposites but neither the less flattering in their own way.
I practically live in my black treggings, although I have quite alot of thigh to play with they are slimming, especially when worn with a baggy top. I don't currently own a pair of flared trousers although I used to rock the wide leg cordrouy look back in the day. I think what the flared trouser offers a tree trunk thighed girl like myself is a disguise. They skim carelessly over the leg and elongate all in a volumulous flick of fabric. I have my eye on the rusty red pair on the moodboard. The only down fall I think is the need to wear heels with the trousers. I can already feel my feet hurting!!!
Anyway next time Ricard Nicoll, p.s. I want to marry him!!!

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