Saturday, 20 November 2010

Bailiffs are Scary!!!

Well I have to begin by announcing in a dramatic manner that I have had one of the worst weeks in memory. Granted my memory is not great (too many alcohol units in my youth) but I haven't remembered soo many sleepless nights since I first started working and anyway. What was the cause of this bad week you may ask; well it was a little red letter that I got through the post from the bailiffs no less. I am not a criminally minded person, and have not had any brushes with the law (excluding under age drinking, but everyone does that) however I seem to go straight from green to red, without even passing through misdemeanour amber.

Having opened the letter a cost of £700 was demanded plus the costs of the bailiffs coming to collect the money, which I am told can be astronomical adding to this is the fact that the crime was from non-payment of council tax between 2003/4 (so this would be 7 years worth of bailiffs costs). In case you are wondering I am innocent to the main degree and have pleaded my case to the council as I was a student during this time, apparently I will still have to pay for nine days worth of tax but I am waiting for a new bill to be sent.

As many of us young professions who live in London will I am sure exclaim, the thing they spend most of their money on is clothing. I am not a particularly panicky person however the more I read up on bailiffs the more scared I became, because I do not own anything of real value, I have my Marc by Marc Jacob bag, my Laptop and my I-phone and that's it. I had images of them taking the whole contents of my wardrobe which I admit is compiled of many, many items of clothes (yet I never have nothing to wear) and driving of in a van leaving me with nothing but my Primani pyjamas. On some base level this excited me with the idea of building a new wardrobe from scratch but it also filled me with fear. What would I do without my clothes?

I started to come up with a mental list of my must loved items which I would plead with them to let me keep. These items included:

- Pink and black polka dot 50s style dress by Sara Berman
- Black jeggings from Topshop (I live in these)
- Pale pink and black striped batwing Jumper - H&M
- Black and White Mohair jumper dress - Warehouse
- Black Jumpsuit - Urban outfitter
- Mustard shift dress - Topshop
- Umbrella Black shift dress - Topshop

These are my special 7 but I am sure I have missed bits out, I couldn't even contemplate thinking about my Shoes, they could take those over my dead body (again with the drama).

Any way I apologise to anyone expecting something interesting from this blog, unfortunately it is really just a rant about my love of clothes. However when you face losing them to the money grabbing Bailiffs, your whole fashion wardrobe flashes before your eyes!!! My next piece will be soon, and about the new Harry Potter film which I saw last night, this also included more drama...a quiet life would be nice.

I am off now to buy more clothes while I still can, and keep my fingers crossed that the council aren't going to send me another massive bill.

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