Thursday, 11 November 2010

One New Change

I have been enjoying a lovely week off work and decided to indulge in what I do best shopping. I heard aboutthe new shopping center that has opened up by St.Paul's Cathederal so that's where I head. The Shopping center is One New Direction. There is something about being in that part of town, you know London City proper that makes me sit up and listen. There is a stillness in the air coupled with a simmering tension...its hard to put your finger on it but it is definitely there.

While I was whiling the hours away shopping the busy workers who help to keep the company afloat our busy selling and trading. I like to think of them sitting in their offices all Mad Men and Mad Women, I do actually work in an office and so know this is not true, but nethertheless I assume it is different in London City.

Back to the shopping center, I would describe it as Westfield's but on a smaller scale and less commercial. I can image that this will be a great haunt for people like myself who like a quick fashion fix and lunch time, but people who like the slightly finer things in life. Don't get me wrong there is Topshop (who I love, love, love), H & M and Office but there's also Banana Republic, Allsaints, Guess and Karen Millen. I think they've probably got the mix well between the mid and high end of the highstreet, but where they really excel is the food. Nandos, Zizzi, Gordan Ramsay need I say more. For your quick lunch snack there is also M & S simply food and Eat.

The shopping is definately one for the women with the shop bias towards women's wear but for the men there is a great selection of food for every price point.

I think I would definitely go back for a visit, although only if I am in the area as the shop selection is somewhat limited, also the big low point is that the center is sort of outside if that makes sense, there is a roof but no side cover. When I went the cold weather had just hit so I was frozen by the time I had eyeballed everything. So maybe one for the summer months only.

My final though is, did Simon Cowell name is new boy band after the shopping center, hmmmmmm....

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