Saturday, 29 January 2011

Richard Philips 'Most Wanted'

I am actually currently working on my dissertation proposal, but I am easily distracted and despite the pressing Monday deadline, I thought I would quickly update my blog.
I was doing my bi-weekly check on the International Herald Tribune website and I came accross an article about Richard Philips latest exhibition at the White cube gallery in East London. It opened on the 27th Jan, and I am yet to go whoever it peaked my interest because it is all about celebrity endorsement.

Any self-respecting Fashion marketing student will know that celebrity endorsement although having been around forever went into over drive after the expansion of mass media driven by technological innovation. The internet being one of the biggest drivers. Anyway nowadays you can not move for celebrity endorsements whether its Blake Lively becoming the new face of Chanel Mademoiselle or Kim Kardashian doing it for Skechers.

All of this hasn't gone un-missed by Richard, whose exhibilition 'Most Wanted' a series of oil paintings depicting various hollywood stars and their brand collaborations (shall we say). He has focused on the young stars of today, but I would say both old and young celebs are getting in on the act and cashing in big time. See images below of what you can expect to see at the exhibition. As I am currently writing about co-branding I will definately be making my way down to the White Cube sharpish (well after I have finished my proposal) as celebrities have become their own brand.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Burberry SS11 - loving it!!!

I am starting to really get into Burberry, Christopher Bailey has done a really good job of making the brand current!!!

Urban Outfitting...

It feels weird to be writing mid-week on my blog, but as I have a couple of days of work I am trying to be a bit more creative.

At the moment I am loving Urban Outfitter, I randomly decided to check out the website as it had been a while and found a gorgeous collection of clothing. My favs were the branded dresses, I know I have commented before about making shorts my thing for SS11 (I did buy the rust coloured pair I have been oogling for months at Topshop) but my other garment of choice this season will be dresses.

Dresses are simple, a complete outfit in themselves. In the winter you can wear them with a cardy and tights and in the summer just by itself. The dresses below from Urban Outfitter would definitely see me through the year. Although slightly on the high side price wise I would say investment pieces none the less.

Prices start from £52 - £150. The dresses are from Pins an Needles, Peter Jensen, T.b.a, Something else and Vaudeville & Burlesque.
As well as beautiful dresses Homeware is also worth a look at OU, I wouldn't want to deck my whole house out in OU but there are definitely some quirky pieces to accessorise your house with. Whether its a funky jewellery holder, an obscure photoframe or a novelty salt 'n' pepper shaker.
You should also check out Anthropologie as it is like OUs older sister. You'll find many a grown up trinket, homeware and beautiful dress. I have been eyeing up the bedspreads that they sell for over a year!
Anyway my fashion ramblings are over...

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Weekly Blogging

Completely untentionally I have gotten into a cycle of only blogging on a weekly basis. I think it is because my work requires all of my mental capacity and by the time I get home on a week day I can barely string a coherent sentence together and can not bring myself to sit infront of another computer.

Anyway I shall endeavour to do better...I think that in many cases images speak a thousand words, which is why I have recently set up a tumblr account. I think that for lazy bloggers like myself, this is definately the way forward. So far I have one follower, which I am very proud of because I do not know the person and they must simply enjoy my random projection of images loosely strung together into a theme which I post every day or so.

Well this week has been quite quiet and I have been quite uninspired...I think its January blues which is a culmination (excuse my spelling) of lack of funds and no Christmas to look forward to. In fashion terms, I am really starting to step up my SS11 research and pick out the looks that I want to emulate as I can not afford the real thing. Albert Elbaz please do another range for H&M...

For me SS11 is all about the bold colours and the floaty silhouettes, however having visited a 'cool' club, I have put cool in inverted commas because the club/ pub was too cool for school. Located near Liverpool street, the Queen of Hoxton is what you would cool a mix of minimalism and arty. Home to the back combed, heavily kohled girl's of London this place reminded me of the cool devil may care body con skirt and work boot look of the past couple of seasons. How could I turm my back on this trend so quickly for the sake of a bit of chiffon and frou frou shoulders...

Having said that, I have only ever dabbled in the look, as a maturing women of 26, I never felt I could embrace it in the same way as the Taylor Momenson look-a-likes who stomp around Dalston and Brick lane. In tribute to these brave young girls check out these images below. I wish I had got a photograph of a young girl who had grabbed my shoulder in the toilet and declared that it was her 18th Birthday, oh to be young...

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Spring/Summer 11 at a shop new you...

So as you may or may not know shopping is one of my favourite pass times. I did my third trip to the Sales yesterday with my mum, but to be honest I am sooo over sales now. Everything has descended to a jumble sale heap that you normally only see in the likes of Primark. We did actually walk past the Marble Arch Primark, which had its own reductions, but I could not even fathom what type of mayhem and madness would be going on inside with their already low prices slashed further.

Anyway I now totally looking forward to SS11 and investing in some new pieces. I am still woefully behind on my catwalk shows and trends for the new season, but having brought February's Elle Mag with their Runway Edit I feel that I am definitely more informed. I have previously already spoken about the designers that I like Prada, Chanel etc. but having been through Elle's Edit, I am totally in love with the Parisian designers.

I would normally sight London Fashion Week as my favourite week, but I am sooo in love with the looks coming from Paris. They are chic, grown up and very considered. I think it might be my 26 years that is making me strive for Parisian Silhouettes.

Alexander McQueen's collection by Sarah Burton was a gothic/ bohemian fairy tale. I would like to think that my future wedding dress would be like the iconic feather dress.

Lanvin's floor length dresses with the split up the middle, were deliciously sexy while still demure. I wish I had the budget to afford such a dress, Blake Lively totally rocked the light green dress

Roland Mouret; I aspire to wear his dresses well when I am older. I may be 26 but on an average day I look 19 and I would like to look like I was dressing up in my mums clothes. Also I would choose RM for my power outfit at my dream job, not sure what that is yet.

I would definitely be accessorising with a bra if I brought into Chloe's collection but what I love love loved is the femininity that the range affords with its sheer materials and mainly soft beige and peach tones. My H&M long beige ish shirt dress will definately get a second season's outing. The dress and skirt lengths were also very flattering.

Finally Celine was relaxed glamour heaven with its simplistic cut; very fresh. I love the main use of black, white and flesh colours mixed in with denim and bold colours. I think my favourite piece was the black Jumpsuit.

Anyway so there you have it, I should really have called this post "my love of all things French, well Au' revoir ma copains...

Sunday, 2 January 2011

New Year, New Me...

Well I hope everyone had a great New year, for myself, it was a ridiculously drunken affair. When I say drunken affair I mean me being sick across a table in a club!! I am fair to old to be getting in that state and my number 1 New Years res will be to treat alcohol with respect and not over indulge.

I don't know if you are like me, but ushering in the New Year alway makes me reflect back on the past year and its fashion choices. This year at the grand old age of 26, I want my fashion choices to be more chic and classic but at the same time contemporary and slightly avant-garde. I want to push that fashion button with great vigour!!!

I am very behind with the state of fashion for SS11 but from what I have seen I am totally going to be a Fendi, Prada and Roksanda Illinic girl. I will channel Fendi for relaxed daywear, I will use Prada for inspiration for day and beach wear (I love a good stripe) and Roksanda will be strictly a whimsical evening or day to night partnership. No one loves a bit of chiffon more than me!!! See images below of my favourite Roksanda Illinic SS11 looks x

I have already mentioned my love of shorts, and will definitely embrace this garment whole-heartedly into my wardrobe. My key find is going to be work shorts and more importantly a short suit. I am going shopping tomorrow and so lets see what thay brings to light!!!! I'll keep you informed...