Saturday, 29 January 2011

Richard Philips 'Most Wanted'

I am actually currently working on my dissertation proposal, but I am easily distracted and despite the pressing Monday deadline, I thought I would quickly update my blog.
I was doing my bi-weekly check on the International Herald Tribune website and I came accross an article about Richard Philips latest exhibition at the White cube gallery in East London. It opened on the 27th Jan, and I am yet to go whoever it peaked my interest because it is all about celebrity endorsement.

Any self-respecting Fashion marketing student will know that celebrity endorsement although having been around forever went into over drive after the expansion of mass media driven by technological innovation. The internet being one of the biggest drivers. Anyway nowadays you can not move for celebrity endorsements whether its Blake Lively becoming the new face of Chanel Mademoiselle or Kim Kardashian doing it for Skechers.

All of this hasn't gone un-missed by Richard, whose exhibilition 'Most Wanted' a series of oil paintings depicting various hollywood stars and their brand collaborations (shall we say). He has focused on the young stars of today, but I would say both old and young celebs are getting in on the act and cashing in big time. See images below of what you can expect to see at the exhibition. As I am currently writing about co-branding I will definately be making my way down to the White Cube sharpish (well after I have finished my proposal) as celebrities have become their own brand.

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