Sunday, 26 September 2010

Nicole Farhi's After show Legion d'Honneur party

I have to say that I was a bit disappointed when I went to the Nicole Farhi After Show Legion d'Honneur award party. I was expecting to see a wall to wall celebrity fest but instead there was just people who seemed to know each other. My only sightings were Hilary Alexander (I have so much respet for her) and Bill Nighy. It was really random to see Bill Nighy there but I realise having seen pictures of the dinner which took place beforehand he was a guest there.

The only real highlight of the night apart from the goody bags (which included a t-shirt, macaroons, and 25% off) was Ben Grimes DJ set. She was really good and mixed hip hop with indie effortlessly. The night finished at 1.30pm as I dragged my crazy friend home. An alrightish night but I whih there had been more FASHION.

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