Sunday, 10 October 2010

Miu Miu is bright and beautiful

I am working way through the AW11 Fashion shows and I have decided to start off with Miu Miu. As everyone knows Miuciana Prada is a fashion great. Every season she seems to breathe a breath of fresh air into fashion week or month. This year I have to say I was slighty underwhelmed by the collection. It was very safe and commercial. I am sure the buyers were rubbing there hands together when they saw this range.

Apart from the commerciality of the range, the highlights I thought was the use of one primary colour with a flash of another.

The flashes of oriental influences also added an extra layer of interest to the garments, and I can see this being utilised by the highstreet. I also think the fan detailing on some of the dresses and blouses will be a firm faviourite amongst customers.

I have to say I wasn't too fussed by the use of the star in the collection, I expect this will be seen every where in AW11 but I will not be buying into it.

In conclusion, I liked the detail on the clothing in this collection, but overall I was not fussed! I hope Prada brings her game back for next season...

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