Monday, 22 October 2012

Tim Walker @ Somerset House

I took a holiday from the busy streets of London and landed in Tim Walker's exhibition at Somerset House and what an enjoyable time I had. Tim Walker is by far one of my favourite fashion photographers because the images that he captures are other worldly and steeped in fairy tale. For those who are not familiar with Tim Walker's work will at least know him from the AW12 Mulberry campaign which he photographed with the hairy monsters.

The free exhibition at Somerset is sponsored by Mulberry and is on now until the 27th January. There is a strong body of his work displayed along with props from the photographs and insights into the photographers thinking.

I recommend getting lost in this wonder land for an hour or two. See some of my favourite pieces below:

A quiet courtyard at Somerset House
Larger than life wasp, beetle and cricket

This skeleton was absolutely massive, maybe 20ft tall. It would be a great addition to anyone's home with Halloween on the way.

Something nightmares are made of, a gigantic doll

There's something fairytale like about this peace

Poor Scarlet Johanson
The march hare...Albert Elbaz

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