Sunday, 28 October 2012

I did it myself; Jewelled knee pads

So I am usually very lazy, but I was prompted into action after seeing this some jewelled tights by
Elnaz Niknani on Not Just Another Label. The tights were really interesting because they had jewelled knee caps and other embellishments, however I never fair well with tights and they often ladder five minutes after I have put them on. At £150 the tights were also a bit out of my price range.

After seeing the tights I decided that jewelled knee caps would look a-maz-ing on skinny jeans/ jeggings. I was able to create the desired effect for £10.80. All you need are patches and sew on gems which you can buy from your local haberdashery. I got mine from John Lewis they had a selection of fabric, leather and velvet patches, I went for the latter. I also brought some sew on pewter colour gems on a ribbons.

First of all I detached all of the gem from the ribbon and placed them on the patches where I wanted them to be. Then I took them off and started sewing them while trying to recreate the pattern I made.
Once I had finished sewing them all on. I put my jeans on and then pinned the patches where they looked best; finally I sewed them on.
Hey presto some bedazzled jeans!!! I have actually had lots of compliments about them as well.

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