Saturday, 24 November 2012

My Top Three

On a recent trip to New York for work, I went on a mission to find a new Marc by Marc Jacobs bag. I already have two, and I guess I am one of those people who when they find something that works I stick with it. The price point of the bag is a substantial amount, but not enough to bankcrupt and the quality is equal to that of a Mulberry or Fendi. I quickly feel in love with the Maverick Blizzard bag, which is perfect for everyday wear and has a slight edge to it! The matt silver hardware was a major tick as well. The bag is now being readied to go under the Xmas tree!!!

Now to my wish list, this grafitti style War and Peace elephant t-shirt is amazing. I love the casual nature of the long sleeved t-shirt come dress. It would be perfect with a pair of tights or leggings and some gigantic wedge heels. I shall start saving my pennies now...
Finally these leopard print horse hair hi tops from Topshop are 'E-P-I-C', complete with a metallic foot strap and studded toe these shoes border on trashy but definitely a necessary purchase. Five days until pay day... 

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