Sunday, 11 March 2012

I got me some Marni

Okay, so I managed  to pop down to my local H&M on Oxford Street and grab a Marni bargain. I was lucky, there was still quite a few styles left when I arrived. I had my eye on the long sleeved cardie, with brown tones, however when I got there I fell in love with a short sleeved green cardie with frills down the front. Check out my images below... I queued for 50 mins of my lunch break but it was worth it. The quality of the clothing was top notch, you could tell that alot of care had gotten to this collab...
 Wrist band from the queue to go see the Marni collection
 My beautiful purchase!!!
 Complimentary dust bag which will go alongside my Lanvin dust-bag.
 Supercool Marni bag, i am going to re-use it
My lanvin dustbag from a previous collaboration...

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