Sunday, 12 August 2012

What am I saying...

I have not written a post in ages which is very bad of me, life sort of got in the way. Anyway I have been struck down with food poisoning this weekend which has made me stay inside and has given me the opportunity to get my fash on and get blogging.

I apologise in advance for the word vomit (which makes a change from the other kind I have been doing this weekend) but I have alot to discuss. Including sportwear hyped by the 2012 Olympics, Army shirt jackets and Autumn/Winter '12 clothing.

As far as the Olympics is concerned I have not been an avid watcher but I have watched a spectrum of sports ranging from table tennis, to diving. I was blown away by Usain Bolt and his crazy fast legs and also by the lengths that the British high street went to get their piece of the big Olympic pie. If you have walked down Oxford Street recently you would have seen that 80% + of shops had sports inspired VM in their front windows. Sportwear has been a huge theme for spring/summer 2012 in general and the retailers have really tried to push this. Like any good marketing campaign I have been drawn in despite a lack of inclination to actually participate in any sport. For me its about the body con dresses with sports details and hi-top trainers. Both comfy and stylish hi tops add a relaxed feel to every outfit. I brought myself a pair of dark red/purple hidden heel ones from River Island see below.

I also love these ones and definitely want to get the Adidas Originals with Wings

These are Ash, I love the shape and the high tongue.
Super comfortable Nike x Liberty trainers

Adidas x Jeremy Scott Originals with wings. I have seen Solange Knowles, rocking these bad boys. If they are good enough for her...

Adidas x Jeremy Scott Originals. I saw a girl try these shoes on in Topshop, they look super cute on. These will definitely make an outfit. As well as the hi tops I also love the sports inspired range that Ashish did for Topshop. Here are two of my favourite pieces...

Moving on to the army jacket trend; I am not sure were the love of a camo jackets have come from but every highstreet has a version. It must have been one of those trickle up effect trends. From the streets to the high-streets!!!
I brought my very own version from Spitalfield Market, which has a massive print of the Chanel logo on the back. I hope Mr. Lagerfield doesn't mind. The fit is slouchy and the perfect transitional piece between summer and autumn.

This is a long post, so I am going to post separately on the autumn winter trends that are now flowing through the high street with vigour.

Nice to be back...

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