Friday, 29 June 2012

Christian Loubiton

To say that I am footwear obsessed is an understatement, in the last month alone I shave brought two pairs of flip flops, a pair of Jellie shoes, a pair of black Jeffrey Campbells and a gorgeous pair of yellow peep toe pumps with glitter heel. I am not sure why I need so many shoes, but once I see them I literally have to have them. When I heard about the Christian Loubiton exhibition I was estatic as you can image. The exhibition was amazing, so many shoes in one place and you weren't allowed to touch them, what a tease!!! Unfortunately I wasn't allowed to take any pictures inside, but I got a couple of good pics of the shoes the dressed the stair well on the way to the exhibition.

The exhibition showed you Mr. Loubitions career progression, his design inspiration and the manufacture of the shoes. The highlights in my eyes were the fetish room, the cinema part and also the Dita Von Teese hologram (it was seriously cool). The hologram starts of as a pink shoe and magics itself into Dita while she sashays along to some music which I have forgotten.

The exhibiton is definitely worth a visit especially those who love shoes as much as I do. I actually saw some ladies strutting around the exhibition in super high Loubitons, talk about dedication!!! Hopefully one day I will own my very own pair.

I Just love these two views from outside the Design Museum...for all you Instagram lovers!!!

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