Thursday, 6 September 2012

Open Cermony

So I am a little behind on the fashion news, so when I found out that Open Ceromony was doing a headed down to Covent Garden quick sharp-ish to check it out! I had heard soo many cool reviews about the brand, the shop and its collaborations that I couldn't wait to see what inhabited the fashion cornicopia.

In terms of brands and amazing fashion pieces the shop was a treasure trove, but the lay out of the shop lacked the creative VM that I was expecting. Thn rail were stuffed with goodies, but if was difficult to see what was actually there without battling with various clothes rails.

I am excited to see the actual permanent shop, as I imagine this will be more inspiring and thought out. Below are some of the best pieces:

Topshop x Opening Ceromony
Forfex x Opening Ceromony
Gorgeous sandal, not sure about the make though
Chloe Sevigny x Opening Ceromony
Expensive Proenza Schouler bag, beautiful!!!
I am soo excited about the AW 2012 season and what the London shops have to offer, but am also excited to see what we can expect to see next season with New York Fashion Week commencing!!!
Read my shop reviews shortly x

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