Sunday, 30 September 2012

Spending Spree

I blame fashion month and my Birthday, having recently come to the realisation that I have had a crazy month of spending. I am not rich, far from it but that hasn't stopped me spending my hard earned dosh on a crazy amount of items. Having said that I think they are all key pieces for the new season or am I just trying to justify the situation. Laid out before you are all of my wears including...

Dark red knitted pencil skirt with braces by Or Out £10
Black Pyjama print Shirt (not shown) by Max C £19
Blue/Pink/White strappy playsuit from Urban Outfitter £25
Light blue shirt from H&M £29.99
Green double breasted coat from H&M £69.99
Bright pink mohair jumper from H&M £29.99
Black/turtoise shell cat's eye sunglasses by Ralph Lauren £78
Yellow/white jewel earrings £3.99
Light green jewel earrings £3.99
Burgundy patent wedge creepers by Underground £135
Stonewash jeans with velvet knee patches (see last picture) by Topshop Unique £50
Jewel necklace (see last picture) from H&M £9.99

I love the yellow earrings and the pink jumper together, these are great transitional pieces.
This look is very AW12, I love the dark green with the dark red and the light blue shirt makes the look extra smart. The burgundy Underground creepers are edgy but smart.
 The only pair of jeans that fit me very perfectly; the velvet patches add a nice twist to a classic pair of jeans. This necklace is truly blingtastic only to be worn in a very casual way!!!!

Soo £329.94 + a gift of a pair of £135 Underground shoes later by wardrobe is bulging even more than usual, and my bank manager must be shaking his head.


  1. Hey! Was great to meet you at the Melabelle event! Just thought I'd leave you a little comment to say heeeey and that I'm following you now :) xxx

  2. love the creepers..loving that colour for A/W