Thursday, 24 January 2013

A long time coming...

I haven't written in a while mainly because I have been super busy at work and haven't had the mental capacity to do anything afterwards.

I am just watching the first two episodes of the Carrie Diaries, which is supposedly about Carrie Bradshaw in her teen years before Sex and the City and am feeling all fashion-y and inspired again. For those of you who are interested, it is actually quite good, especially if you like teen american series and eighties fashion (which having been born in that decade I love), you can watch the episodes here.

So last week I was away for work, I went to Bread and Butter in Berlin for four days and then onto Paris. The B&B tradeshow was immense, the square footage alone was enough to make you drop your jaw, add to that the crazy amount of brands under one roof and it was buyers heaven. They had four main exhibition spaces, and my favourite was the Fire Department at the L.O.C.K which was a small area dedicated to smaller brands like Tanner Goods, Andersen-Andersen and Gilded Ages.

Moving on, after Berlin I headed to Paris in time for Men's Fashion Week or #PMFW if you are into the hastaging mullarkey. On of my highlights were bumping into Kanye West on the street, thanks to my iPhone 5 I have this photograph.

I am not normally one for men's fashion but as I was in the vicinity I decided to check out the London collections showspace in Paris. It was great to see some really inspiring British designers in Paris, a home from home some may say!

My favourite designers were:

Sibling - I am a big fan of Sibling mainly because of their Sister by Sibling women's range. However their Men's range is equally as flamboyant and bedazzled so I love it also. I am pretty such I could easily wear 70% in a size small.
Nasir Mazhar - It's all about the sport's wear at the moment as the eighties is coming back in a big way albeit more contemporary. Mazhar laid out some great tracksuits with clashing prints and colour blocking. If I did sports wear i would be wearing these pieces.
Astrid Andersen - His collection is actually beautiful, it is hard to believe that it is a men's collection! Ignore the silhouette, it is all about the fabric which is screen printed to perfection. There was something very cosmic about Andersen's pieces, it made me want to dig back in the fashion archives and see what I could find.
So there you have it my travels...

Oh yes and in other news, I brought a pair of black PU black leather trousers from H&M, bold fashion move I think! More on this later!!!

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