Sunday, 27 January 2013

Black Leather (PU) Trousers

I try to be experimental with my fashion choices and style; but I am always hesitate when it comes to major statement pices. Case in point the leather trousers; they have been a big hitter for the last couple of seasons for the winter months.

What I like about this this year's version is that it has a looser, more sportier fit which is perfect for me as I have quite chunky thighs. Rather than clinging the new style of PU trousers skim!!! There are loads of different types out there at varying price points. I took the plunge and decided to buy a PU pair from H&M for £34.99, I had to take the waist in a bit but they are a good fit and slightly tailored. I decided not to go for real leather mainly because I wasn't sure how many wears I would actually get out of the trousers or how long they would be cool for. Let's not forget after all once upon a time leather trews were for the Bette Lynchs and Liz Mcdonalds (see. Cornation Street) of the world.

I couldn't find the exact pair of trousers that I have on the web, but here are some of my style ideas for the leather trousers which can be worn for work or play!!! The trousers below have a similar fit to my ones but are actually from Whistles priced at £350.

I hope you give them a go as well, you will be suprised at how versatile they are. Remember to soften them with something less harsh on top like a knit or cotton tee!

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