Sunday, 3 February 2013

Nail Art

I think that nails have had a real renaissance; partly due to the economic situation and party tue to social networking where people can share their designs. I have a massive tin full of nail varnishes, from nails inc, through to Barry M and love trialing new designs on a regular basis. It costs a lot less than a new outfit and can update any look.

My nails don't tend to last more than a day or two so I can't recommend a best brand but my friends swear by OPI and Essie. I do think that a good topcoat can prolong your nails though, I recommend Seche which can be brought from Liberty in London. My general process is 1) a base coat (Sally Hansen does a good on), 2) one thin coat 3) a second thicker coat 4) any design work would be next 5) Top coat.

Here are some of my best design work:
This design was achieved with two coats of Barry M Mint nail varnish, and one coat of 314 colour nail effect by Barry M!
Two coats of Potion by No. 17 nail varnish and one coat of 311 colour nail effect by Barry M!
Two coats of Peach Melba by Barry M and the design was created by using one coat of Red Nail by H&M nail varnish as an outline.
I can not remember the name of this nail varnish but it is by OPI, two coats.
Two coats of hopscotch nail varnish by Top Shop, check design was created using black and white nail art pens from Primark!

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