Monday, 4 March 2013

Eighties and Nineties

This has been a long time coming, I have my London Fashion Week blog post to write, but in the mean time I want to talk about the resurgence of the 80s and 90s in fashion. Not even just in fashion actually, but across all areas of culture.

Look at the music that is happening right now, there are melodic references to decades pasts and music production to support this. I am listening to Haim, big time at the moment and you can not deny their nineties tinged heart break anthems. They cite the likes of TLC and En Vogue as heros.

Moving on from music comes art with the likes of David Bowie educating us about outfits gone by. He is something of a legend so I am super happy to let him be my muse. Can not wait to see this exhibition.

Back to fashion, my favourite pass time, here are some of just a few brands who are reliving the good times. So to begin with the outrageous Rihanna (well everyone enjoys thinking of her that way) and her collaboration with River Island. The presentation is like an episode of Sex and the City, in season 1/2 before the fashion got big. I kind've loved the collection, but don't see myself running around London bra-less and knickerless to hide any lines which will most likely be on show in one of these slinky dresses.
Anyone living in London, or a cool cosmopolitan city will know about Boy London, yeah you know what I'm talking about, the black on white iconography on street wear silhouettes and accessories. You aint no one to you've rocked a truckers hat with 'BOY' emblazoned on it. Straight from the eighties, the brand reminicises about the days of disco. I kind've feel I should stay away from this trend, but the more I see it, the more I want a voluminous t-shirt to call my own.

 A complete guilty pleasure; The Carrie Diaries centres on Carrie Bradshaw pre her SATC days, it is such a teen drama but I can't help but watch, especially when you take into account the ingenious eighties fashion. People may cringe, but amidst the tafetta and puffball skirts there are some inspired pieces; and why did people stop wearing stilettos? Hello eighties, glad you're back again, sport's wear and scrunchies, of course you can't go wrong.
Finally the Dries Von Noten's, SS13 collection and its ode to grunge. Think Nirvana and Kurt Cobain's check shirts. They have of course had a luxe make over premium fabrications paired with floral seperates. If I had an extra bit of change in my pocket I would spend it all on Dries von Noten.
Don't look back in anger I heard you say (Oasis lyrics)...look back for inspiration for this season's trends.

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