Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Wedding Chic

Okay so if you are in your twenties like me, you must be experiencing the onslaught of friends galloping up the aisle. Apart from the self-reflection...where's my life going etc. the next big question is what to wear.

My first of three weddings is taking place in November, which in itself is a quandary. It's autumn, do you need to wear a coat, a cardigan or go long sleeved. The second difficulty is that the actual ceremony is only being attended by family, so all of the attendees are just going to a big party afterwards.

I think it is so hard to get that mix of formal and contemporary, while keeping the hemline in check - is above the knee to short, and any longer to frumpy? I have been looking for the last 4 months and these are my top three choices - I am not sure which one to go for:

£78 from Topshop
£60 Cheap Monday
£149.99 from Monsoon

They all serve a purpose, but which one to choose...decisions, decisions, decisions and let's not even get started on the accessories.

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