Monday, 19 December 2011

All I want for Christmas is shoes...and...

So I am still not in the mood for Christmas, I have a serious case of the bah humbugs...with 5 days to go I don't think I am going to muster the joys anytime soon. I have been back to feed my Topshop addiction though! On my hypothetical Christmas list I have...
These gorgeous off white boots, are border line funky, one more stud and they would have been too crazy for me. The studs give the normally summertime boots an edge, and the tassel on the zip add the fun factor. I like that the ankle is wide on these boots too; they make my own ankle look slender.
Move aside Ms Campbell there's a new supermodel in town, or at least I feel like I could own it in these 7 inch heels. A cute dress, a pair of black  tights and mwah you have yourself an A-maz-hing outfit.
Okay so I have no money, but I still love to shop for fun and try out new looks so when I was in Stratford Westfields the other day I tried on the black shirt with the PVC skirt, this is a tougher look than I would normally go for, but I love it. I think that the black PVC skirt would also look great with a white blouse; I would wear this as a work look or with white Converse boots to be casual! 

This sexy gold/bronze skirt is gorgeous. I love that it is not too short, I would wear this with the sleeveless black shirt again or perhaps something white and sheer. Magnificent!!!
I love this shirt, its perfect for winter with the long sleeves, and I would roll up the sleeves for summer! The shirt would be great with any of the skirts pictured above or even a cute pinafore dress.

So there you have it, my hypothetical Christmas wish list...I am sure I will post another one before Christmas. xxx

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