Friday, 9 December 2011

Dazed and Slightly Confused

So with my new found time I have had my hair done, a sassy bob; longer at the front than at the back. But this post isn’t about my hair it’s about an exhibition I went to at Somerset House – It was on 20 years of Dazed and Confused. A magazine which I am sure most fashion lovers like to flick through every now and then if not use as their bible for all things cool in that really annoying “don’t even need to try” way. I have to say although I love what the magazine stands for; a fusion of music, art, fashion and culture I don’t quite get it. Maybe I am not supposed to as the title would suggest, but as a fashion enthusiast and Londoner (I have lived in the capital for 3 years now) I thought I would in the same way that I love Nylon, Lula and Pop.
Having seen the small but perfectly curated exhibition I found that my confusion dissipated a bit. The photo shoots, though obscure at times where works of art and really challenged viewers to re-evaluate how they see certain subjects within society. The exhibition highlighted this, as many of the pages from the magazine were attached to 'w' shaped structures. In order to view them you had to cane your neck, crouch and move into other akward shapes.
The magazine launched in the 1990s still feels very 90s in its execution although still very relevant in today’s Pop Culture. The role call of people involved or pictured in the magazine runs from Justin Bieber to Kristen Stewart through to Grace Jones showing the relevancy of the ‘zine.
I really enjoyed the exhibition and would recommend it to anyone with a spare 20mins to check it out; I think at the least it is very inspiring, I want to start up my own magazine…but I am too lazy and do not have the skill or knowledge. It shows us how fashion used to be very innovating, challenging and entrepreneurial; I really don’t see that anymore. Come on guys, I want to see new fashion businesses popping up everywhere…
Okay so I have rabbled, but check out a few images that I have taken from the website which is a wealth art and fashion imagery, check it out.

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