Friday, 9 December 2011

Return of the MAC

And the blogs just keep on rolling...the post is about MAC, I love MAC I think it is probably one of the best make up brands in the world! MAC makes make up fun and untimidating; the brand is out there but also mainstream if that makes sense. I think 90% of my make comes from MAC ever since one of my best friends introduced me to the brand back in my Uni days. What I love about going into the MAC stores, apart from the helpful but harrassed staff is the made up boys who always work there. You can image they would be super fun on a night out! Anyway as well as the stor ambience the brand are also constantly re-investing themselves through collaborations with culturally relevant brands like Barbie, Alexander McQueen and Hello Kitty. Now they are collaborating with Gareth Pugh; who appears to be the go to guy for collaborations at the moment (he is also collaborating with Melissa in 2012)!!! Check out the video, I think the range is a must...the big question is can I pull off the Goth look?

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