Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Colour for my Sole

I am still partly in a turkey induced coma, having eaten and drunk too much yesterday. Tis the season anyway! I thoroughly enjoyed myself and am now looking forward to next year and what I am going to be wearing. I am going to do a mini review of last year in terms of fashion! What I loved  hated etc. For now I want to focus on a trend which has been emerging and I see it getting bigger...

Coloured soles, yes you heard right and now I have said it you will be seeing them everywhere. Although the most popular colour seems to be white and pink. I think Stella McCartney began the trend with some black pointy heeled boots with white soles. Here are some of my favourite shoes:

Black Canvas boots from Topshop

Black leather cut out boots from Topshop

Navy leather brouges by Esquivel
Black leather lace ups by Daniel Pallilo X Triple Major

Black patent mary jane shoes by Prada
The original Stella McCartney AW12 boot with white soles

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