Thursday, 27 December 2012

My Fashion Icons from 2012

I think each year fashion continues to build momentum, I guess bloggers are the fuel for this. People have been looking at street style as well as checking out what celebrities are wearing. I am still a huge follower of celebrity style as they have infinite resources, it is interesting to see what they are wearing and how they put a look together.Below are three of my favourite celebrity style icons from 2012.

Up first is Chloe Moretz, I have been a big fan of hers since I saw her in Let Me In. I like the fact that she has quite a relaxed look during the day and then does quirky but glam for events. I am extremely jealous as she is only 15 years old and clearly has a spectacular wardrobe. Her key pieces seem to be a black leather jacket, skinny jeans and the perfect evening dress:
Okay so her sister shares my birthday and has always been in the spotlight. But this year Solange Knowles has become a major fashion inspiration. The woman rocks an afro with nonchalant elegance, and has mastered the pattern/colour clash trend in a way that has made it her signature look. It is not only the way she puts pieces together it's the attitude that goes with it...for 2013 I am going to channel my inner Solange. Beyonce may know music, but Solange got the fashion thing going on too.
Somethings never change, and Alexa Chung continues to be a  strong British fashion icon. I have always been envious of her sense of style as it is clearly instinct rather than something that has been taught. She juxtaposes masculine and feminine pieces together to create her trademark style. Having been appointed as an Ambassador for British Fashion her style may have become a bit more polished but nevertheless still quirky and eclectic. Here's to another year of Alexa's stylish outfits.

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