Sunday, 2 December 2012

Converse with Sneakers

At the moment I seem to spend all of my time running from one place to another. Case in point on Friday when I had to get to Notting Hill and back to East London in one hour to meet my friend. On arriving back in East London, I got off the tube at Old Street and was greeted with advertising overload in the form of Converse's AW12 campaign. I could do nothing but stare eyes agog as I travelled up the escalator with board after board of Converse slogans: "shoes are boring wearing wear sneakers" and such like.

I quite like their campaign as it is completely in your face and had great imagery. In East London the brand already has major kudos with at least 50% of the inhibitats in this area donning weather beaten sneakers. As an owner of a pair of Converse and a fashion marketer I applaud the global giant and can't wait to see what they do for next season. I also think that the Underground is an unestimated marketing platform!!!

Here are my very own un-boring sneakers below:

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